Facials with Neals Yard Organic products

Our facials bring you time to relax and let us treat your skin, with cleanses, exfoliations, masks and wonderful massage to really keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and youthful.


Regular facials are an important way to look after your skin. At The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey, our facials include skin care, cleansing, exfoliation, steam with hot towels, mask for your skin care needs and a complete face, neck, shoulders and decolletage massage.

We love massage so our facials include the best face massage in Romsey.

Facial treatments

Delux Facial Treatment (60 mins) includes your choice of hands, feet or scalp massage

Essential Facial treatment (45 mins)

Why regular facials are important

The skin on your face has to deal with exposure to many different elements such as indoor and outdoor pollution, hot sun and cold wind.  Facials provide the deep cleansing and moisturising that helps the skin cope with its daily exposure to these elements.

The skin itself is constantly being renewed as new cells move up through the layers of the epidermis – a journey that takes about four to six weeks. This means that regular facials can help combat the signs of ageing and make the creams and serums that you use at home work more effectively as your skin is able to absorb them better.

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