A method of analysis where the iris of the Eye provides a wealth of information.  Used to find out about your body’s constitutional health, inflammation, or areas of compromised function.

Often used as part of a Naturopathic Consultation, or can be used as a stand alone.

Iridology consultation

A consultation will provide you with an insight into your health concerns and treatment suggestions.

It is very useful for being able to see the health pattern of the digestive system, the nervous system and the bodies organs.

As part of a Naturopathic Consultation

Iridology  is a traditional naturopathic analysis method, and can be useful in gaining and insight into the state of your body.   Tania Sellwood, our Naturopathic Doctor would prefer to use the detailed analysis of the EAV testing system to be able to find the causes of these imbalances and therefore be able to make more effective treatment suggestions.  This can be done in combination with an Iridology Reading if requested.

If you are interested to have a reading incorporated into your Naturopathic Consultation, please do not hesitate to ask.

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