Keeping the clinic open, clean and healthy for all


Keeping the clinic open, clean and healthy for all.


As we are all aware the rates of Covid infection are increasing and all of us are hearing of people that are testing positive and increasingly showing with ill health alongside the positive tests.   This is, naturally, something that non of us want to have or to hear about for our friends and family.

Here at the clinic since being permitted to open I have continuously implemented measures to ensure that I provide the best possible space for you to come for your treatments.   It goes without needing to state the hygiene measures and spacing of clients to ensure no cross over and provides time for room ventilation.

What many of you might not know is that outside of work I have maintained a very limited social existence to reduce the opportunity of me being in any situation that might render me contact traced or testing positive.   Whilst being double vaccinated myself and believing I am of good health and wellbeing I am not personally in fear of getting the virus but I am extremely anxious of the business having to be closed down again, and the resultant loss of both income to me and provision of your healthcare treatments.

I personally choose not to be in any enclosed space with groups of people and will continue to do that for the forthcoming months.     I have control and choice over what I choose to do to stay well.  What I don’t have choice over is what everyone else does.

So please can I ask you to help protect my business by ensuring that you don’t inadvertently bring something into the clinic.    For example, if you have been looking after your grandchildren during school holidays and one of them has caught Covid, please think and test yourself before coming into the clinic or delay your appointment.  If you are going overseas, on a flight or even a cruise, please perhaps allow a little time after returning and then test and delay your appointment if there is any reason to be uncertain, and so many other scenarios.

Additionally if in the days following a visit to the clinic you discover that you have tested positive please do let me know immediately so that I can back track the diary and take any necessary precautionary steps.

Whilst I can’t and don’t want to be the Covid police, I do take seriously making my workplace a healthy space for everyone to be in and I’m hoping that by writing this note you will work to help support me to keep the business open in these months which might prove to be challenging.

Thank you and most importantly stay well for your own selves.


Thank you