Learning about Mushrooms with Lee Moreton

When you go down to the woods, you can never be sure what you will find.   When you go into the woods on a late October day you certainly would not have expected to find such a fantastic day as we did.


Our group was formed by 9 wonderful women full of curiosity and Eddie, Claires well behaved little dog.  Lee lead us with his 2 dogs over the stile and into the woods.  Not far in and the aroma of bacon cooking and fresh brewed coffee enticed us to turn right and find the delightful Emma sitting comfortably with her dog, watching the pan of bacon and unsuccessfully guarding the brioche rolls that Eddie made a beeline for.



Lee Moreton of Hunter Gather Cook lead us on a day of exploring the woods for the wild mushrooms that we might find.  We all arrived at the rendezvous point and followed Lee to where we parked up and started our walk into the woods. 

One roll down was still leaving enough for us all to enjoy a lovely a breakfast and a briefing about the day ahead.   

As we walked we started to get out eyes into the habit of finding mushrooms amongst the leafy undergrowth, everyone was keen to find a Cep and I personally wanted to find some chantarelles.  Rare this year apparently.    We discovered a whole host of mushrooms, some known and edible, others not so sure.  We gathered a small sample of the different varieties for later full identification against the plethora of books we had with us.

After some hours, and a good walk we returned to an open sunny space in the woods and sat down to the most delicious lunch you could have imagined to have.

Lee and Emma put together a Cep Capaccio with wild sorel and mushroom dressing, Mushroom soup with truffle shavings, and a delicious Quiche, potato salad and fresh greens.    Followed by a homemade cake, and we were truly stuffed.  


Sitting with full bellies in the sunshine, only our never ending interest and enjoyment of Lee’s passionate sharing of knowledge allowed us to look into the reference books and learn more about the identification of those mushrooms we had found on our day.


Lee said ‘Thank you so much for helping to organise such a brilliant bunch of ladies.  As I mentioned I wasn’t that keen before about trying to squeeze another course in an already mad season but it was an absolutely  wonderful day.    Emma is a star and so happy she could help out at this. You shall be seeing her more again there’s no doubt ‘

Feedback from the ladies of the group was testamount to a great day out.

Just wanted to say thank you for arranging such a lovely day yesterday (didn’t know your powers extended to arranging such fantastic weather as well!!)

I really enjoyed the forage, Lee’s knowledge and Emma as well made it a fascinating day. Food was delicious including the cake.  Thanks also to all the other lovely ladies, all in all a great day. Jane

PS the cep made a wonderful risotto courtesy of Andy!

Thank you for organising a super day yesterday. I was dreaming of mushrooms last night and slept like a baby!  Debbie


Thank you for organising the Mushroom Day with Lee, I thoroughly enjoyed it, lovely people, the weather was kind to us, the lunch was amazing, the information was brilliant, what more can I say.


Had such a great time today…totally shattered now after such a fun-filled day, good company, good food and good weather! Thanks so much for arranging it! Jocelyn


We will definitely be putting on another date or two next year.  Don’t hesitate to get your name on the list early, if you might be interested.




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