Reiki is a Japanese method of energy healing well known for its calming and balancing effects to the body systems, physically, mentally and emotionally via free flowing chi energy.

Reiki treatment time 60 minutes
Time for your mind and body to relax and rebalance, easing stress and anxiety.  For the promotion of wellbeing.  Suitable for everyone at any stage of healthcare.

Chakra Reiki Balancing Massage
treatment time 2 hours
Natasha offers a combined Reiki Massage treatment.  Time to reset your chakras and corresponding energy fields.  A totally restorative treatment blending the relaxing deep healing of Reiki together with hands-on massage to clear blockages within the Chakras leaving you with free flowing chi, energy fields and ease of stress and tension in the physical body.  Restoration and rebalance for total body and mind wellbeing.


“This evening I experienced the best reiki session with Natasha. I came away feeling emotional, relieved and free from the tension & stresses of life that has been quite bumpy over the past few months. It took a while for me to relax fully into the session but my body responded with tears and some serious twinges but it all needed to come out. Natasha hadn’t seen me for a while but when I explained afterwards that I had lost my Dad only a couple of months ago as well as the usual stresses of both work and house renovations it was clear that I definitely needed the session. Thank you with all my heart to Natasha ️ Perfect”.  CS Sept 2019


“I have visited the clinic many times over the last two years for reiki treatments. I used to walk out of the treatment feeling very light and super relaxed, but also rejuvenated and focused. It really helped me when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. 

The clinic itself is clean and relaxing and so are the treatment rooms. The staff always make sure you are comfortable before starting the treatment and they never hurry you at the end”    Emily, 2018

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