Relax with Reiki

Reiki is a traditional Japanese method of energy healing well known for its calming and balancing effect to the body physically mentally and emotionally via free flowing chi energy.


Natasha is our Reiki therapist with several years experience and now holds a Masters level 3.


Why is Reiki important and what are the benefits of the treatment?

Everything around us contains energy including us.   Energy (called Chi in the Reiki world) can be absorbed by the energy fields within us through our 7 energy centres in our body.   These energy centres are called chakras.

A blockage of energy (Chi) in any of our Chakras could be the reason for health imbalances, such as poor sleeping, headaches, anxiety, digestive discomforts and other illness. The calming effects of Reiki is very much demonstrated to be beneficial for people suffering with stress and anxiety. By having Reiki treatments, Natasha can indicate where those blockages in the chakra or chakras could be and over time can work to get the Chi free flowing once again.

As a qualified Masters level 3 Reiki Practitioner, Natasha is able to utilise her skills in attunement to work in tune with the body so leading to balance and calm quickly and restoratively.

An attunement is something you get given from your Reiki Master, passed down from teacher to student.   

As the Reiki practitioner gains higher levels of attunement  your treatment will be recognised as more powerful it its sensitivity to the Reiki energys.   A Master practitioner is able to work at a higher/ stronger level as you go through the different stages which therefore makes your treatments more powerful and affective. It heightens your awareness to the energys around you which allows you to continue to receive the benefits of the treatment, between sessions bringing much more calm and balance with greater health in all aspects, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Appointments for Reiki

Reiki session are 1 hour long and you can be treated sitting in a chair or more commonly lying on the couch.  You remain fully dressed at all times and the practitioner will place their hands in specific positions gently on or just above the body chakra centres.   Some people claim that they can feel the energy, others that they see colours and most commonly people very quickly go into a deep relaxed state.

Whilst one treatment will be pleasant and relaxing, regular treatments will enable you to get to achieve deeper lasting benefits.

If you would like to try Reiki for the first time with Natasha, please give us a call and book a session.    Appointment are available weekdays, Saturdays and evenings on Wednesday and Thursdays.

Book an appointment email now or phone 01794 513153

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