Summer Fitness tips from Eileen

Summer Exercise and Wellbeing tips from Eileen

Summer is really here this year, with the hottest day on record and them some crazy lightening storms.

As lovely as it is to see and feel the warm sunshine, it can hinder our activity levels somewhat by making us feel lethargic and sweaty, resulting in feeling less motivated to move around. Not to mention the desire to change our usual eating and drinking patterns! BBQs, picnics, parties, holidays and even just a change in appetite for more salty or sugary foods and beverages.

Personal Trainer for Exercise and Wellbeing Coaching

So, what can we do about it?


My top tips for keeping active but not getting too hot and sweaty!

·        Exercise first thing in the morning. Set your alarm, and get up and about before your day begins for real. It’s the best part of the day and makes you feel amazing. Get outside for a brisk walk regularly, aim for 3 to 4 times a week for around 30 minutes. Try and find some inclines or steps to include to elevate your heart rate and pump your arms to help propel you along. Increase your speed at regular intervals, say in between several lampposts, or even try a jog.

·        Make the most of cooling down by trying a swim, or try a new outdoor activity such as a water sport or a forest bike ride. There are lots of cycle routes local to us, in country parks and more and more routes are appearing nearby.

·        If you have Children or grandchildren around this summer, there are so many activities you can try with them, local and further afield, crazy golf, indoor climbing walls, outdoor Go Ape or walking treasure trails are often on at the local country parks with lots of shade. Set the kids challenges or get there early and hide a few items on your own trail for them to pick up and find. Another lovely activity which is very popular at the moment is rock painting and hiding. You paint a rock, varnish it and hide it, often they are linked with a local facebook group written on the back to then post your find and then re hide. These can be found at many nature or tourist spots. Find out more about a local group Romsey Rainbow Rocks

·        If balance is your weakness, which is actually very common, try standing on one leg for at least 10 seconds at home every day. Drop those shoulders back, lengthen that spine, gently pull the core muscles up and in and hold your chin up proud. You can also practice standing on tip toes which will help improve balance and strengthen the muscles in your lower legs.

·        A short basic strength work out at home could include:

20-30 seconds of stepping up and down on your bottom step, 10 press ups against the wall. Stand up from your kitchen chair ten times and with a suitable weight try ten bicep curls.

·        Drink PLENTY of WATER to keep you hydrated, it really is so important to your overall health


Our fantastic Spark group is still running strong. You are welcome to come and join us one Sunday morning where we incorporate lots of different methods of health and fitness training, such as strengthening muscles in a safe yet effective manner, moving to improve fitness levels and burn calories. Various different methods are often added to help improve your balance and coordination and then some lovely stretches and sometimes even a meditation to help lengthen out these well worked muscles and relax before we finish. We have a great core group of around 8 regular ladies now all supporting each other to keep coming and making a real difference to being back in control of their health. We are always thinking of new ways to keep everyone keen and motivated, whilst still working within their own personal limits.

Please don’t be put off if you have a health issue. If you are concerned speak to me  beforehand to discuss your condition. I am a highly qualified personal trainer with many years experience in working with patients referred from GPs, practice nurses, physiotherapists and chiropractors. Many of our current participants have varying health issues and have found that they feel so much better for joining us. Reporting they feel stronger, more flexible and able to do more than they ever thought they would.

Here’s a little video clip of this year’s Spark – throughout the seasons.

Have a great summer everyone, stay well, workout early and regularly and stay hydrated always.

Eileen Munday

Exercise and Wellbeing Coach, Leader of Spark Fitness Group


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