Time for us

A night away with our Soul plan reading

With Beverley of mindbodyandsoultoo.co.uk

At work our focus is always on making sure that our clients get the treatment that they want, we take time to care and to listen to people worries and concerns and whenever possible we help them to find ways that they can bring about the changes that they need to.   It is a wonderful job.  It might be via the relaxation of a massage, the space of a reiki treatment, the bliss of a facial, the dedication of Personal Training, the fun of the group share in Spark (our exercise and wellbeing group) or even through a Naturopathic Consultation with dietary change and lifestyle aspect addressed.   Whatever we are doing we are doing it to ensure that you find the changes that you want to achieve.

Each of us, Natasha, Eileen and I all love this job.  It is what we know is right for us to do and it brings us a lot of pleasure knowing that we are being able to help you.

We are often asked, where do we go for a massage, or what do we do for ourselves.   Well this summer we decided that it would be our treat to go away for a night, no children, no partners, no clients, no massages to do, just for us to relax and get to spend time together enjoying the team that we are.

We had the best night away.  Colleagues that are friends enjoying the time together.  We went to the Village Hotel in Cosham, not much travel to get there, the most up to date tech facilities you could imagine, fantastic gym and pool and a lovely sauna and jacuzzi.  Coffee shop, bar and restaurant on site and we didn’t need or want to step outside for a moment.

As a further treat, I arranged for a lady called Beverley Gearey into do some work with us.  Personal Development and learning what is available from others is always interesting.  So we each had our Soul Plan’s read.

We had no idea what this was going to be, and infact until 2 weeks earlier I had not even heard or considered that it could be available.

Basically it is the belief that your soul is infinite and is here this time in this physical body, that was named at your birth.  Based on the sound vibrations of your birth name a system has been devised that can then tell what your Soul Plan is.

We each supplied Beverley with our exact birth names before meeting and she arrived with our plan written up and ready to outline for us.

It’s quite a lot of information to take in, so you are given a printout, and a CD recording is made whilst she takes you through your plan.   We worked individually with her to allow the privacy and then enjoyed re’hashing it over prosecco later on.

Many of you know me and have done for many years so might find this interesting.

In summary this is the Soul Plan for me;

‘Your higher purpose is to be the inspiration others may require to step out of the box, into other dimensions and ways of seeing things.   At your core you are not restricted by the ordinary and mundane in the way that some in society can appear to be.  As you discover yourself and who you are, you can then in turn show others who they are, allowing others to find their true authenticity’.

Interesting?!    In conversation she said that she did not feel that I had breezed through an easy life, but that I had pushed through, highly driven and with the ability to achieve what I set my mind to.   She upset me a little by suggesting that she saw me as a Rhino with a thick skin able to push through, appearing tough but not letting others see the soft and gentle heart that was inside.    I didn’t realise that I kept this heart so well hidden, so beware when you next see me, this Rhino might give you a big hug!

Eileen and Natasha have offered to share their summaries here as well, which you might also find interesting and see how very different we are.

Natasha You are by nature a builder so you must lay the foundations.  Pursue any goals that leave a lasting impact for others and develop your own emotional resilience.  If you have experienced mistakes and losses in your life with hindsight you will see this has helped you develop a deep level of acceptance.  Through wisdom gained and acceptance of the ever changing nature of existence you gain a nigh degree of equanimity.  As you continue to build structure in your own life, you may simultaneously serve as the wise and emotional resilient guide to other who also seek truth and structure in their lives.’

Eileen in brief To acknowledge that a core stability and protection are your birthright. To align and connect with full soul awareness and to become totally connected with divine truth’

Over Prosesso we discussed lots that came out from these readings and decided that we would get together to work with each other to really see what benefit we can make of this and to guide each other to being the best that they can be, in align with their own Soul Plan.

Would you be interested in finding out about your Soul Purpose?   I would be happy to organise a date for Beverley to come to the clinic if there are enough people interested. 

For the rest of the time away, we ate and drank and chatted and laughed, gatecrashed a 1970 Boogie Nights Party, and found ourselves wondering why we were in the gym pre-breakfast.  To finish we swam and spa and sauna.   It was a terrific time away and we are so lucky to have such a great team to really truly enjoy being with each other outside of work.

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