Time to get Fruity

Time to get Fruity with

Romsey Young Carers Pamper Day


When my work shopping list consists of avocado, strawberries, yoghurt, porridge, honey, eggs, lavender, rose petals, banana, sugar and coconut oil you know its time for Romsey Young Carers Pamper Day.


Romsey Young Carers is a local charity that works to provide support and respite to the young carers of Romsey and the Test Valley.   Read More here.

For a number of years now they have invited us to help at their Pamper Day.   It is such a great day that you look forward to it.

We started out providing nail polishes, which whilst very popular was already being provided by one of the mums of the group, and so it was Jean (our previous Reiki Master) who having had a long standing career in natural skin care suggested we put together a Natural Face Treatment programme.  And so it was born, and this is no a firm fixture on the Pamper Day Calendar.

Here’s a little video of the day.

As well as being fun, it is educational, the learning about your skin, and how you can care for it, without the need to expensive products – everything being used could be found in your own kitchen.


I enjoyed these sessions so much, having groups working together that it has got me thinking, it would be good to put on Young Peoples Skin workshops here at the clinic, group session for a different party idea.  What do you think?  

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