Truffle Hunting with Lee Moreton

Can you imagine meeting a real live Truffle Hunter?  I don’t think you get to do that very often and I can’t quite imagine what the careers advisor thought when this young man  announced that he wanted to be a Truffle Hunter.

Lee Moreton a Foraging expert took us out this last week to meet with his fellow bushcraft friend and expert Truffle Hunter.

There was a group of 9 of us and we set off into the Somerset woods to learn and discover the art of Truffle Hunting.    Before this day I had personally never tasted or touched a truffle and knew that they were expensive and sought after but I learnt so much.



It really is like a sport, you can spend hours upon hours walking the woods with your trained dogs or pigs should you choose and if you know how to have trained your dog and you are quick you will be able to find the truffles.  Well, I guess it’s like fishing, sometimes you are lucky other times you are patient.

The two guys shared their passion and knowledge of the woods and their wild foods, we learnt how to train a dog, some of the dangers of being a truffle hunter (which are many – hence not disclosing the names and images here) and we got to see the hunt in person.

Lee who will never fail to delight you with his wild fire cooking, provided us with a feast.  We ate a 3 course Truffle infused menu, including baked brie with truffle, polenta and partridge and pheasant with roasted root vegetables and a delicious almond and orange cake with roasted stone fruit and truffle honey.  All washed down with bottles of red wine.

The sun was shining, the truffles were shared out and we headed home very happy people, wiser and really looking forward to more days in the woods with these guys.

If you think you might be interested in join us another time, please do email me.  I am already collecting names for an Autumnal day out and will share details when I have them.

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