Vegan Varnishes

2019 has really been a year that has seen the demand for Vegan products soar.  And I personally, think that it is a good thing.

We did an audit at the beginning of the year to see what the situation was in clinic and were delighted to be confirmed that we are infact, really very Vegan friendly.

Vegan Friendly Treatments

The area that we were not sure about was all the varnishes, as such products as Shellac are most definitely not Vegan.   But what about Gellux and the other brands that Natasha prefers to use.

Natasha after a lot of research the last couple of months and ringing/emailing the suppliers and companies directly has found out where we are with the products we are using.

Choosing colours last year from a new gel polish company, The Manicure Company, proved to be very beneficial as they are all Vegan friendly and have a massive range of beautiful colours.

Natasha also loves to use Gellux which after research and directly speaking to the supplier, was able to identify that all their products are vegan friendly and cruelty free, with the exception of a small amount of their colours which they were happy to email her the names and their reason for not being Vegan.   A list is kept in clinic and available when you are making your colour choices.   OPI and Shellac are not vegan friendly, and will be phased out and replaced by The Manicure Company and Gellux.   Our regular varnishes (non gels) are from a company called Jessica and these are also friendly.

So you can have your nails painted and enjoy the knowledge that we know that our treatments are cruelty free and Vegan.

Looking towards the eye treatments Natasha has found that the solutions used in tinting, perming and extensions are sadly not completely vegan friendly but after speaking to suppliers this is something that they are looking into and hoping to change in the near future.


Natasha says that she feels she has been instrumental in raising awareness of this and that in future hopefully we will see vegan friendly options to buy throughout the whole ranges.

It really does not seem necessary that any being should be harmed in the need for us to be beautiful.

Please do give us your feedback and let us know your thoughts on this.


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