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Vegan Friendly Treatments

Just this week I decided to do an audit of our treatments and products to see how much aligned we were with the current fashion of Vegan interest.

I have always been keen to ensure that we work with the best possible products, but had not specifically set out to be Vegan friendly.  It was such a lovely confirmation to discover just how friendly we really are.

See here for more information on our Vegan Friendly Treatments

Learning about Mushrooms with Lee Moreton

When you go down to the woods, you can never be sure what you will find.   When you go into the woods on a late October day you certainly would not have expected to find such a fantastic day as we did.


Our group was formed by 9 wonderful women full of curiosity and Eddie, Claires well behaved little dog.  Lee lead us with his 2 dogs over the stile and into the woods.  Not far in and the aroma of bacon cooking and fresh brewed coffee enticed us to turn right and find the delightful Emma sitting comfortably with her dog, watching the pan of bacon and unsuccessfully guarding the brioche rolls that Eddie made a beeline for.



Lee Moreton of Hunter Gather Cook lead us on a day of exploring the woods for the wild mushrooms that we might find.  We all arrived at the rendezvous point and followed Lee to where we parked up and started our walk into the woods. 

One roll down was still leaving enough for us all to enjoy a lovely a breakfast and a briefing about the day ahead.   

As we walked we started to get out eyes into the habit of finding mushrooms amongst the leafy undergrowth, everyone was keen to find a Cep and I personally wanted to find some chantarelles.  Rare this year apparently.    We discovered a whole host of mushrooms, some known and edible, others not so sure.  We gathered a small sample of the different varieties for later full identification against the plethora of books we had with us.

After some hours, and a good walk we returned to an open sunny space in the woods and sat down to the most delicious lunch you could have imagined to have.

Lee and Emma put together a Cep Capaccio with wild sorel and mushroom dressing, Mushroom soup with truffle shavings, and a delicious Quiche, potato salad and fresh greens.    Followed by a homemade cake, and we were truly stuffed.  


Sitting with full bellies in the sunshine, only our never ending interest and enjoyment of Lee’s passionate sharing of knowledge allowed us to look into the reference books and learn more about the identification of those mushrooms we had found on our day.


Lee said ‘Thank you so much for helping to organise such a brilliant bunch of ladies.  As I mentioned I wasn’t that keen before about trying to squeeze another course in an already mad season but it was an absolutely  wonderful day.    Emma is a star and so happy she could help out at this. You shall be seeing her more again there’s no doubt ‘

Feedback from the ladies of the group was testamount to a great day out.

Just wanted to say thank you for arranging such a lovely day yesterday (didn’t know your powers extended to arranging such fantastic weather as well!!)

I really enjoyed the forage, Lee’s knowledge and Emma as well made it a fascinating day. Food was delicious including the cake.  Thanks also to all the other lovely ladies, all in all a great day. Jane

PS the cep made a wonderful risotto courtesy of Andy!

Thank you for organising a super day yesterday. I was dreaming of mushrooms last night and slept like a baby!  Debbie


Thank you for organising the Mushroom Day with Lee, I thoroughly enjoyed it, lovely people, the weather was kind to us, the lunch was amazing, the information was brilliant, what more can I say.


Had such a great time today…totally shattered now after such a fun-filled day, good company, good food and good weather! Thanks so much for arranging it! Jocelyn


We will definitely be putting on another date or two next year.  Don’t hesitate to get your name on the list early, if you might be interested.




Workshop – Get the Results you Want

Get the Results you Want – One Day Workshop

Sunday 30th September – 10 – 4 £38

Goal setting with Eileen Munday

  “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there”

To achieve change you need to set a goal

When we are intending to change anything in our lives it helps to set yourself a goal, otherwise how do you know when you have reached the point you are trying to get to? Without even realising it, we set ourselves small goals every day. ….I’m going to eat lunch at 12.30 today and will bake myself a jacket potato with beans. Or next weekend I’d like to wear the blue dress so will need to forgo the wine until then otherwise it will not fit as nicely….. I’m going to drink more water every day this week and less coffee to stop getting headaches.

Where our overall health is concerned it is important to set short and long-term goals to help us achieve what we set out to do, especially when we know that the goal could take a while to achieve. We also benefit from having support from others, family, friends, colleague and for many who work with me a personal trainer.

I have been a personal trainer for many years now and enjoy working with people of all ages and fitness levels, often taking the time to help rehabilitate people in elder years or post surgery back to a position of health and fitness.

SMART steps to achieving your goals

In the fitness industry we use an acronym, which you may have heard of, called SMART. This is a simple way to ensure we set ourselves targets to work towards in a sensible manner. There is no point really in just saying “I want to get rid of my flabby belly” or “Next year I’m going to run a marathon for the first time”. If you don’t decide how and when you will do these things it is very unlikely it will ever happen. We need to be accountable for our actions.

In goal setting ‘SMART’ stands for

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely

Whilst this acronym is a very useful tool, I also would like to get you to think about the bigger picture and the true reason you want to achieve the personal goal you have set. Around 90% of the time in my work  people tell me they “want to lose weight”. This is, of course, an important factor to improve overall health, but on looking further into the persons lifestyle it becomes apparent that although initially this goal is linked to an aesthetic desire, it is also linked to one’s physical and emotional health too. Many people feel they should shame themselves and immediately come out with all the reasons they feel they have got to the position they are in. Which is absolutely fine, but we do not need to think too much about this. Often, we need to look deeper within and break these wishes down into smaller goals, so instead of automatically saying you want to ‘lose weight and have more muscle tone’ we should also look at the alternative knock-on effects this will create.

Break your goals down to achievable steps

So, your main goal may be to lose 2 stone eventually but by breaking down your goals into smaller achievable goals it becomes much easier such as;


  • Lose 5lbs in 4 weeks
  • Swap my 3 biscuits with my morning coffee to a small piece of dark chocolate or fig
  • Meet my sister this Friday evening and walk the dogs by the sea
  • Start doing the stretches tonight to help strengthen my knee the physio gave me that has stopped me exercising in the first place.


So, you can then see when we start thinking more seriously we discover more things we need to change first before we can get anywhere near where we want to be in the long term.

Once we start dealing with the smaller issues then the big ones get resolved without focusing too much on them resulting in giving up because they are too overwhelming.

Support is available

This is where I come in, as a Personal Trainer, Exercise and Wellbeing Coach. By setting regular things to achieve every month or so, you feel supported and able to fit these small changes in so that each month you finish on a positive note rather than feeling disheartened ‘Darn. I didn’t lose the stone I’d set myself up to. I may as well give up now”.

Review and revise your goals

Occasionally, goals need to be reviewed for whatever reason. This should not be seen as a failure. Often an unexpected life event or illness gets in the way and we need to set new goals when life allows. More often however the goal is achieved successfully and new ones need to be set. E.g. My goal was to walk the children to and from school three times a week, I achieved this and now I would like to jog home every time! Brilliant! And so, it goes on….

Join me to work together or within a small group

In our Spark sessions and one to one training, goals are set in the first session. I will have a discussion with you about what you would personally like to achieve and then we plan how you are going to do this. On a one to one basis obviously goals can be discussed in greater details and planned out accordingly.

Working with others is a terrific way to stay motivated, not only do the members of the group benefit from the fitness but they all say how much they enjoy the social aspect of this supportive group, far beyond what was expected.

What to do next

Book to come along on Sunday 30th September where Tania Sellwood, Naturopath and I will be hosting a full day, dedicated to Get the Results you want.    This day will offer guidance and support to recognise the steps needed to achieve your goals, to overcome obstacles that might be holding you back.  There will be plenty of time to not just learn what to do, but to have the time to put your own plans into action and begin your journeys to achieving the life that you want to be living.

For more details please contact,

Fishing and Foraging Weekend

Fishing and Foraging



As the seasons change and the days cool, the ground gets damper and the mushrooms start to show their heads.    You need to take time, to tread carefully and to look closely to see what is happening.

The forest floor is not what it first seems.


Underneath the leaf mould there is an entire world of fungi happening.

This past weekend I was honoured to get to spend it out and about in the Hampshire and Dorset countryside with a weekend of natural food sourcing treats.

We headed off on Saturday morning in the rolling hills of Dorset and found ourselves too close to be able to see the Giant of Cerne Abbas himself.    The sign correctly said best view from the nearby layby.

From Cerne Abbas we spend the afternoon Fly Fishing.  Kris is an excellent Fisherman and a patient guide, repeatedly showing me how to cast and retrieve.   After some time and endless patience, I think I might have mastered the art of casting and the retrieve seems to work, but is yet to find a fish on the end of the line.

With no fish to take home, I was not disappointed as it had been a good lesson and the location was beautiful.   Swallows or House Martins overhead circling en mass, perhaps in their preparation for long trips ahead.  The reflections upon the water and the changing season of the bull rushes and the trees was just beautiful.  Perhaps I should have taken the paints, and left Kris to cast.

An overnight stay in a Shepherds Huts, new and toasty with the log burner inside before a meeting with Lee Moreton, Foodie and Forager.   Lee took us into the woods and shared passionately over a decades collected knowledge on the mushrooms we came across.  Identification and locations.  We found so many.   Different types, from deathcaps to beef steaks, oysters and porcelains.  There were chantarelles and milk tops.   We walked past and got called back to see what we had missed.  Lee’s eye was clearly tuned to spotting and knowing where to find hidden treasures.



I had talked about doing such a foraging trip for year and will aplogise to my friend Jocelyn who I had promised to head out with, but will pass on Lee’s details for her and her husband to meet up.  Joc works in Dorchester, so is local to Lee and can meet and forage this autumn, I am sure they will love it as much as I did.



I’d like to show you the picture of the mixed mushroom pasta we had for tea.  It’s not the story of  the un-caught fish, but more one of the it was so delicious and fresh that it was gone before we realised a photo had not been taken

Such a lovely weekend and got me thinking a lot more about the British Food Fortnight, starting on 22nd September.   I think I am going to challenge myself to eat only British for these 2 weeks.   Will you join me on the challenge?



The Magic of Mushrooms


The Magic of Mushrooms

Mycotherapy is the term used to describe the treating or healing of the body with mushrooms.   Staples of traditional medicine, exciting new studies are also considering the way these mushrooms can be used to treat cancers.

Whilst it is not something that I tend to work with in clinic, I love the idea that foods can be medicinal and want to share with you this very interesting article I read recently from a fellow Nutritionist Jenny Tschiescha.   I knew mushrooms were supposed to be good for you, but I, like many I suspect, don’t really venture much beyond the standard offerings of the supermarkets.

This coming weekend I am off on a Foraging Expedition where I very much hope to be able to find and learn how to correctly identify some of earth natural treasures locally.


Shiitake is one of the medicinal mushrooms you may be able to find in your supermarket.  It is very popular in dishes from many part of the work.

The shiitake mushroom has several health boosting properties, not least is a lentinan which is a polysaccharide.  The plant name for shiitake is in fact Lentinus Edopdes.  Lentinan has already been used to treat stomach and other cancers because of its antitumor properties.

Shiitake mushrooms have been shown to demonstrate immune boosting properties by increasing the body’s natural production of secretary IgA which is our first line of immune defence as it is secreted across the mucosal lining.

Furthermore these mushrooms demonstrate both anti-fungal and anti-viral properties and have been shown to inhibit both leukaemia cell proliferation and reduce the activity of the HIV virus.

Finally, Shiitake also contain a substance called eritadenine, which is linked to lowering overall cholesterol levels.


Reishi has been used medicinally in Asia for thousands of years.  It shares a common property with Shiitake in that it is also found to have anti-tumour effects.

It is found to be an effective anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.  One of the extremely useful properties of reishi is in breaking down the normally impermeable biofilms of candida species.  These are notoriously very difficult to break through making recovery from some types of candida very difficult without using mycotherapy.

Typically consumed as a tea, Reishi can also help with symptoms of anxiety, sleeplessness can help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol and ward off the symptoms of dementia.


Cordyceps are used commonly by athletes because they’re known to increase the production of ATP and therefore provide advantages including stamina, endurance and increased lung capacity.  They can boost energy too, making it a great tea to consume in the morning.

Studies show that cordycepin, one of the active medicinal compounds found in cordyceps, has anti-tumour properties. They’re also known to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Turkey Tail

Turkey tail is perhaps less well-known but no less important when it comes to biological and medicinal value.  It’s benefits including anti tumour properties, immune boosting properties, elimination of prostate cancer cells and helping to control the intestinal microbiome.  This last benefit is further enhanced by its role as a prebiotic – ie the fuel for the probiotic bacteria naturally present in the gut.  As our understanding of the critical role the microbiome plays in multiple aspects of health this mushroom is well worth investing in and completing your medicinal mushroom cabinet.

How else can medicinal mushrooms be of use?


Mushrooms are especially efficient at breaking down toxins.  They are capable of transforming them to a form that our body can eliminate.  One of their unique features is that they contain the enzymes required for phases I and II detoxification.  In phase I, toxins are decomposed which releases numerous free radicals. Being able to break down the free radicals using their anti oxidant properties in Phase II makes mushrooms very suited to detoxification during periods of stress or illness.

How to include medicinal mushrooms in your diet

  • – Sprinkle over a salad
  • – Add to your omelette
  • – Add to soups
  • – Add to hummus
  • – Sprinkle over pasta sauce
  • – Add to savoury porridge
  • – Make into a mushroom tea

This article has been taken from Indigo Herbs who supply the finest quality mushroom powders tinctures and capsules.


British Food Fortnight – Organic September

This September Eat Well with Organic September and British Food Fortnight

As a Nutritionist and Naturopath it is in my workday to help guide people to better food choices.   Within my own time, I live for food.  I totally love everything about it and am excited to have recently read about British Food Fortnight in a local door drop magazine.

Here is the article that I read and want to share with you in the hope that you will embrace it too.

British food Fortnight

Held in the autumn at the same time as harvest festival.  British Food Fortnight is an established annual event run by the team behind Love British Food.  It celebrates all that is great about food produced here on our doorstep.  Each year hundreds of schools, hospitals, restaurants, pubs and workplaces take part using British Food Fortnight as a tool to get people excited about the diversity of food we have in this country and how to cook it.  This year British Food Fortnight runs from 22nd September to 7th October.

It’s easy for anyone to take part in British Food Fortnight, whether in your community, online, or simply your own home. Even the smallest thing makes a big difference.  Here are some ideas:

  1. When you are shopping make a special effort to seek out British Food. Pause when you select your food from the supermarket aisle.  Look at the label.  Does it tell you where the food has come from? Does it provide a description of who produced it?  And if it is imported, is there a British equivalent in-season?
  2. Shop in local butchers, greengrocers, farm shops and markets that source locally and will be able to tell you a little about the person who produced the food you are purchasing.
  3. Seek out food in season – look for, for example, the English plum, marrow and squashes, which are in season during British Food fortnight.
  4. Ask the caterers who provide the food for your staff or school restaurant if they will consider serving distinctly – British produce. This could take the form of a special seasonal section on the menu.
  5. Explore food from different regions of Britain as a fun way of experiencing our culture and heritage
  6. Visit your local Co-op store. (It is the original author of this article).  Co-op invests in the UK economy so that British Food has pride of place on their shelves.

Organic September

Organic means working with nature.  It means higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and more environmentally sustainable management of the land and natural environment, which means more wildlife.  The Soil Association promotes buying, using and wearing organic clothing, with a special focus every September, to remind consumers of the importance of shopping consciously and understanding that investing in organic is actually investing in your health and what could be more important than that?

Whatever you’re buying – from cotton buds to carrots – when you choose organic food, drink or beauty and textiles, choose products that promote a better world.

Organic food comes from trusted sources.  All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law.

Why buy organic?

–        Almost 300 pesticides can be routinely used in non-organic farming and are often present in non- organic foods

–        Hydrogenated fats and controversial artificial food colours and preservatives are banned under organic standards

–        Organic means the very highest standards of animal welfare and animals reared without the routine use of drugs, antibiotics and wormers

–        Organic farms are havens for wildlife and provide homes for bees, birds and butterfies – there is up to 50% more wildlife on organic farms

–        No system of farming does more to reduce green house gas emissions from agriculture and protect natural resources

–        + 1 million tonnes of GM crops are imported each year to feed non organic lifestock, organic animals can’t be fed on GM feed.


Time for us

A night away with our Soul plan reading

With Beverley of

At work our focus is always on making sure that our clients get the treatment that they want, we take time to care and to listen to people worries and concerns and whenever possible we help them to find ways that they can bring about the changes that they need to.   It is a wonderful job.  It might be via the relaxation of a massage, the space of a reiki treatment, the bliss of a facial, the dedication of Personal Training, the fun of the group share in Spark (our exercise and wellbeing group) or even through a Naturopathic Consultation with dietary change and lifestyle aspect addressed.   Whatever we are doing we are doing it to ensure that you find the changes that you want to achieve.

Each of us, Natasha, Eileen and I all love this job.  It is what we know is right for us to do and it brings us a lot of pleasure knowing that we are being able to help you.

We are often asked, where do we go for a massage, or what do we do for ourselves.   Well this summer we decided that it would be our treat to go away for a night, no children, no partners, no clients, no massages to do, just for us to relax and get to spend time together enjoying the team that we are.

We had the best night away.  Colleagues that are friends enjoying the time together.  We went to the Village Hotel in Cosham, not much travel to get there, the most up to date tech facilities you could imagine, fantastic gym and pool and a lovely sauna and jacuzzi.  Coffee shop, bar and restaurant on site and we didn’t need or want to step outside for a moment.

As a further treat, I arranged for a lady called Beverley Gearey into do some work with us.  Personal Development and learning what is available from others is always interesting.  So we each had our Soul Plan’s read.

We had no idea what this was going to be, and infact until 2 weeks earlier I had not even heard or considered that it could be available.

Basically it is the belief that your soul is infinite and is here this time in this physical body, that was named at your birth.  Based on the sound vibrations of your birth name a system has been devised that can then tell what your Soul Plan is.

We each supplied Beverley with our exact birth names before meeting and she arrived with our plan written up and ready to outline for us.

It’s quite a lot of information to take in, so you are given a printout, and a CD recording is made whilst she takes you through your plan.   We worked individually with her to allow the privacy and then enjoyed re’hashing it over prosecco later on.

Many of you know me and have done for many years so might find this interesting.

In summary this is the Soul Plan for me;

‘Your higher purpose is to be the inspiration others may require to step out of the box, into other dimensions and ways of seeing things.   At your core you are not restricted by the ordinary and mundane in the way that some in society can appear to be.  As you discover yourself and who you are, you can then in turn show others who they are, allowing others to find their true authenticity’.

Interesting?!    In conversation she said that she did not feel that I had breezed through an easy life, but that I had pushed through, highly driven and with the ability to achieve what I set my mind to.   She upset me a little by suggesting that she saw me as a Rhino with a thick skin able to push through, appearing tough but not letting others see the soft and gentle heart that was inside.    I didn’t realise that I kept this heart so well hidden, so beware when you next see me, this Rhino might give you a big hug!

Eileen and Natasha have offered to share their summaries here as well, which you might also find interesting and see how very different we are.

Natasha You are by nature a builder so you must lay the foundations.  Pursue any goals that leave a lasting impact for others and develop your own emotional resilience.  If you have experienced mistakes and losses in your life with hindsight you will see this has helped you develop a deep level of acceptance.  Through wisdom gained and acceptance of the ever changing nature of existence you gain a nigh degree of equanimity.  As you continue to build structure in your own life, you may simultaneously serve as the wise and emotional resilient guide to other who also seek truth and structure in their lives.’

Eileen in brief To acknowledge that a core stability and protection are your birthright. To align and connect with full soul awareness and to become totally connected with divine truth’

Over Prosesso we discussed lots that came out from these readings and decided that we would get together to work with each other to really see what benefit we can make of this and to guide each other to being the best that they can be, in align with their own Soul Plan.

Would you be interested in finding out about your Soul Purpose?   I would be happy to organise a date for Beverley to come to the clinic if there are enough people interested. 

For the rest of the time away, we ate and drank and chatted and laughed, gatecrashed a 1970 Boogie Nights Party, and found ourselves wondering why we were in the gym pre-breakfast.  To finish we swam and spa and sauna.   It was a terrific time away and we are so lucky to have such a great team to really truly enjoy being with each other outside of work.

Spark Focus on Blood Pressure Management

Spark Focus on Blood Pressure Management

What a terrific day it was.   I really love working with the Spark group and this Sunday we welcomed 2 new people, who I hope will continue to work with us regularly.

Here’s some pictures from  the day and a message from Eileen

Thank you all for coming along this morning.  I hope you all enjoyed the session and got lots of useful information from it. Its really nice to have such a lovely group of ladies and there were some really positive results today. Keep at it, its not always easy, life throws things at us that make it difficult to keep all the balls up in the air but you can get back on track. That’s what makes the group sessions so unique. We are all helping motivate each other.


As a recap, the safest training zone for overall fat burning benefits is between 60 and 80% of your max. (Max is 220 minus your age).  This improves your circulation and the transport of oxygen to your cells and tissues. Your lungs will improve and breathing becomes easier. Once your heart is used to exercise it gets bigger in size and you will be able to work our for longer before getting tired. Its good to get above that in short amounts to burn extra calories and to really challenge your fitness level but working within the aerobic zones most of the day is preferable. Especially for our group, as far as I know no-one is training for the Olympics at the moment?!

Its also really important to balance things out with relaxation and proper breathing, as we learnt about today. This is essential for any of us (myself included) who suffer from any stress in our lives to stretch out our bodies and release all that tension we hold on to.


Which brings me onto our next challenge for June.….


Every week in June ensure you do at least one fat burning exercise. Use your pulse as a guide (as we did today – take from neck or wrist) and note down in your wellbeing books/diary/paper what activity/combination of exercises you did to raise it.

Also the same week write down a relaxation session that you did and note your heart rate and what kind of thing you did, even if this simply was a 5 minute lay down focusing on your breathing.


Upcoming dates are:


Sunday 10th June (possibly session with Tania leading), and SATURDAY 23rd June.


You are all doing so well, we are really impressed with your commitment and I know Tania will agree with me on this when  say this is why we both choose to do the work we do. Seeing people making positive changes to improve their lives. You’re all amazing! Keep the feedback coming. We LOVE hearing your stories.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all.


Kind regards


Jean Smith, an amazing lady

Jean Smith

It feels quiet and strange to be here at the clinic without Jean.  She has been here with me for the past 5 years, and not only been a really well-respected Reiki Master and practitioner but has become a very lovely friend.

Anyone who met Jean would attest to the gentle kindness that she showed in all that she did.   Never flapping or stressing, just taking her time to be able to listen and care and give the best advice and treatment that she could.   Her Reiki sessions were exceptional.

Jean first came to the centre as a Massage client from a Groupon offer and returned regularly, until one day she asked if she could work from here offering her Reiki.

In admiration of her spirit and energy I did not hesitate to say yes.  She was already well into her late 70’s but proved to get out and promote her services like I had not seen before in any other practitioner wishing to develop their client base.  (Nor have I seen it since).  Jean visited the local Doctor surgeries, the Vets and many local businesses, everyone was offered the chance to come and try Reiki, for free, to see what they thought of it and soon enough Jean had a regular paying client base working here at The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey on a weekly basis.

Testimony to her skills she has worked with many clients as their needs arise over the years and some on an ongoing basis for many years forging very strong relationships and consistency of care.

Last year Jean has a long put-off knee surgery and it was not many months before she was back to business and urging the hospital to get the next knee done.  She has now just had that operation and is currently taking the next few months to fully recover, before she aims to get herself a small dog and enjoy the health benefits of regular walks and the companionship of a pet.

Jean aims to be back on her feet as soon as possible and will use the healing benefits of Reiki to facilitate her return to wellbeing.  She will then resume seeing her clients privately at her home is Sherfield English.   Jean has already established a working space from her home where she regularly holds Reiki shares and training courses, up to Master Reiki levels.

It will be quiet and strange not to have Jean around the centre any more but her stories of past activities will live strong in my mind and Jean’s words of wisdom will be here forever, and of course, the friendship will live on.

I asked Jean to let me know abit about her past that she would like me to share with you, and this is the piece below.  I am sure when you read it you will join me in understanding what a remarkable lady she is and how fortunate we were to have her with us for so many years.

Jean Smith, born in 1935 in Yeovil, Somerset.

I lived in Lyndhurst during war years with my Grandmother who taught me to cook aged 6 years old standing on a chair beside her.

I spent time designing and making clothes for my dolls and attended a private school in Lyndhurst that was run by a very fierce maiden Lady Headmistress.

I moved back to Gloucester in 1945, was educated until aged 17 at a Rudolf Steiner School, Wynstones, the 2nd in England.

After school I trained as a GPO Telephonist, then worked for the Gloucester Royal Hospital.

Outside of work I loved to dance but actually found that I spent my courting days covered in grease cleaning the engine of the Type 35B Bugatti with Brillo pads.

After getting married I lived in Somerset in a cottage 6ft above sea level and had my Children.  Moved to Ashurst and ran a successful Tupperware unit and learnt several handicrafts like glove making with the WI and learnt to Hand spin at Sparsholt.

A move to Swindon saw me ru a small slimming clinic and train as a Beauty Therapist at Swindon College before moving to Chandlers Ford where I had a 10 rod allotment growing all the family vegetables and soft fruit.  Always keen on the health and wellbeing, I opened a slimming and skincare clinic in my home. Taught skincare at FE Clanes in Chandlers ford and taught spinning at Tudor Merchants Hall and at the Art Gallery in Southampton.

Went on Farming with WWOOF (Working Weekends on Organic Farms).

Moved to Sherfield English 35 years ago ran a smallholding with 26 different breeds of purebread poultry, plus pigs and goats,  Made and sold goats milk, cheese and yoghurt, pickled quails eggs and pure bread poultry.

My smallholding was filmed for a countryside series by Norman Goodland.

Started breeding Icelandic and Gotland Sheep for their fleeces for handspinning.

I entered and won a Farmers Brainwaves competition at the Bath and West Show with my Easy feeder system off sheep feeding / sorting system of hurdles with vertical bars.  There will be pictures and an article in the local newspaper archives, should you wish to track that down.

I starting working at St Edwards School on a temporary 3 month contract, stayed for 28 years, first as an House mother then moved to Learning Support.  St Edwards is a BESD Boarding School for boys with problems.

In 2011 started training as a Reiki Therapist became a Master Practitioner and Teacher and started working from the Natural Wellbeing Centre formerly Romsey Health and Beauty for the past 5 years.

Now I have certainly not yet hung up my boots.  I am mearly resting my legs whilst they recover from their knee operations and I will look to find myself a little puppy to enjoy some local strolls and to be able to receive Reiki clients at my home for treatments and attunements.

Final note from Tania

As you will have read, Jean is really one very remarkable lady.  I hope that I have the opportunity to grow as well and as positive as she has and to enjoy life with the passion that she brings to all that she does.

I know that everyone who has met Jean will join me in thanking her for her great work at the clinic and wishing her all the very best in both her recovery and her future endeavours.

Anyone wishing to see Jean for Reiki, just let me know and I will happily pass on her details.



Spring Clean your Workout this March

Spring Clean your Workout this March

It’s almost the first day of Spring! The daffodils are have been in flower for some times and the buds are appearing on the trees.  It’s a beautiful time of new life coming and the onset of brighter and warmer days.   The Natural Wellbeing Centre are running a photo competition called ‘Spring is Coming’, so don’t miss out on your chance to win a prize for entering the best picture onto the facebook site.
Spring is a time when we often have a spring clean.  Have you ever thought about a spring clean of your workout routines?

Time to get rid of anything old and boring that is no longer suiting you or not igniting your enthusiasm anymore?   If you feel that you are fed up with doing sit ups, then trade that exercise in for a new core move that gives you a new challenge and maybe pushes you out of your comfort zone and hence achieves new results. Do you enjoy your daily walk or jog but find that you are not really ‘feeling’ it now? Have you realised you are not pushing yourself to your true potential but are unmotivated to do anything more about it? Don’t worry, that is totally normal human behaviour!

You know that you want to be fitter, thinner, stronger, healthier and you have the time to allocate to it but you just need to get some motivation and feel inspired and empowered to make those changes and get onto a programme that really does give you the benefits that you need and want.

This is where I come in.    I am, Eileen Munday, a Personal Trainer and an active ageing Wellbeing Coach, and I specialise in helping to get you onto the right exercise for you and your current needs.  Whatever your age or circumstances.   Speak to me for advice on how to turn your usual walk into a more beneficial physical exercise session, so that you turn your half hour stroll into a purposeful session where you get to try  a few new ideas on the way and raise your heart rate benefitting your overall health.

Perhaps you have lots of bits of unused exercise equipment stored in a box, under your stairs or is it, like so many, used to hang laundry?  Take time this Spring to Clean up and to put these bits of equipment to healthy use.   Come and get a unique program tailored to you and turn your unused clutter into fitness tools that will help you become fitter or stronger to make all those daily chores and necessities that bit more comfortable and quicker so you can get on with more fun activities.


I can work with you in your chosen space whether that is your home, conservatory, garden, office or even your local park. Contact me directly on 07879695894 or email

At the Natural Wellbeing Centre I run a Sunday Group exercise session which is called ‘ Spark’ you might be interested in finding out more about this.   Email me or register to come to our next open day Sunday 20th May and start to make positive changes to your wellbeing now.


Spring into action this March and enjoy the benefits that you will get.


Eileen Munday

Personal Trainer for Exercise and Wellbeing Coaching