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Spring Photo Competition

Spring Photo Competition

Join us on our facebook pages to enter our Spring Photo Competition.

‘Spring is coming’ is the theme and all we ask you to do is to upload (or email if you prefer) your photo that says this to you.

These photos may then be used by The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey.

The closing date for photo entries is 20th March, when we will be asking our Facebook friends to Vote for their favourite.

Prizes will be awarded which might well be a lovely relaxing Massage.



Stress and it’s impact on your GUT health

Stress and it’s impact on your GUT health

Time after time I see people in my clinic for a Naturopathic Consultation for a whole host of health concerns.    Problems with poor digestion, constipation, bloating, pain and irritation as well as diarrhoea or acid reflux are really very common.

Being common does not make them normal, or acceptable as good health.

These together with so many other health concerns (migraines, fatigue, skin concerns, arthritis and other joint concerns, insomnia and poor menstrual patterns) can all be helped with a little understanding as to how Stress Impacts on the GUT.

I am going to share with you here a learning that I give to over 90% of the clients that I meet.

I will make it as simple to understand as possible, so please forgive the absence of medical terminology or complicated jargon, I want you to understand it so that you will make changes and then immediately feel the benefits.

Stress is a positive thing.   Stress is what allows you to be able to jump out of the way when you are crossing a road and realise that a car has just come around the corner.  It’s important and necessary to allow you to safely fight or flight.

Ongoing continued Stress is not a positive thing.  It will have detrimental effects on your body.

When you are under stress it is natural that your GUT (digestive function) will shut off.  The blood supply to your digestion ceases as it is not important to get the energy out of the foods you have eaten – whilst jumping out of the way of the car (example as above).   Your hormones have previously stored glucose into your muscles so that you have a ready store for times of need (such as this stress time).   So your energy comes from the muscles to help you run from your attacker, and the alertness of your brain to allow you to think clearly how to survive.    Getting energy from your sandwich etc is not needed at this point.

So the GUT shuts off, and the food sits in it undigested and undigesting (via its natural enzymes etc).   As the GUT environment is warm and moist the foods herein start to ferment or putrify and eventually will decompose and pass on through to the exit.   You will notice the fermentation as bloating and flatulence and the putrifaction will put a foul smell to the wind as it passes.

So if you have the occasional stress it will not put too much negative impact on your system,  but imagine if you have continued ongoing stress or lots of little stresses that overlap each other.     These stresses will mean that the GUT is continuously shutting down and the foods will be left again to ferment and putrify.    

OK, so I know that it is not possible to remove all the stresses, Nor it is realistic, so here is what I advise people to do, and I hope that these steps might be able to help you as well.

  1. Stop to eat.   Don’t eat on the run, or whilst doing other things, eg driving, computer, tablets, watching TV.  Be mindful to your eating
  2. Chew your food.  32 x per mouthful.
  3. Avoid drinking large volumes of fluids at the same time as eating
  4. Wait after eating for some time (10 – 20 minutes, or more if available) to allow the process of digestion to begin before getting up and starting your Stress again
  5. If needed, take Digestive Enzymes.  I personally recommend Nutri Advanced, Similiase (available from the Natural Dispensary 01453 757 792)
  6. If the stress is looking like being a long term ongoing affair, look to take a herbal remedy as an adaptogenic support.  Call me for more information on specifics.
  7. Supplements such as Vitamin C and Magnesium can help tremendously
  8. Come and have a consultation to find a quick and easy way to get onto the right path, and learn how to work best with the stresses you have and to perhaps start to create a life that has less of them within it.

I hope that helps, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your concerns in greater detail.  It is always my pleasure to be able to help you to better health and wellbeing.

Best wishes



February Fitness Challenge with Eileen Munday

February Fitness Challenge with Eileen Munday

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the January Challenge, we have loved reading your entries and seeing the difference just a month of conscious work can do.

This month’s challenge is to elevate your heart rate for 5 – 10 minutes 3 times per week.


Make sure you record this in your well being note books or calendars. Examples of ways you can do this might be ;


  • When you go for a walk, find a hill or set of steps, or even use the stairs at home/work and run up them until you feel you need to stop! Recover and do it again if you can.


  • On your usual walk, jog or up the walking pace between lampposts/signs until you feel your heart and lungs working. You should feel warmer and maybe start to sweat more.


  • At home try the 5 minute sequence that was on the TV show with Michael Mosley, so after a minute light warm up, 1 minute star jumps, 1 minute of squats, 1 minute run on the spot as fast as you can, 1 minute star jumps, 1 minute squats. Stretch to finish.


Would you like to join in our regularly Sunday Sessions in the Park ‘Spark’.

The next few SPARK dates are as follows:

Sunday 18 Feb, 4th March, 18 March, 8th April, 22nd April. All at 9.15 a.m. in a local park. Usually the memorial park but sometimes we will meet elsewhere. This will be confirmed before the date.  Cost £10 per session.

Pre-assessment is required, please contact us to arrange your time.

February £5 Facial offer

February £5 Facial offer

Available to existing and new customers.

This February take the time to really treat your skin and see how amazing you can naturally glow with a regular facial.

During February only you can add a facial treatment to any other full priced treatment* (*excluding tinting, waxing and Naturopath Consultations)

Facials are really great as they spend time cleansing, deep cleansing, exfoliating to really clean and free up the skin of any dead cells that are keeping it from looking fresh and youthful.

Added to a luxurious facial massage and a mask treatment you will leave feeling really relaxed, with your skin toned and with fine lines and wrinkles less deep.

We only use Natural Organic products, primarily from Neal Yard which we think are wonderful and our customers love.

Book one today, and pay only £5 when added to any other treatment*

Spark – open event Sunday 4th February

Come and join us – Spark open event Sunday 4th February

The Natural Wellbeing Centre –  9am – 12noon.

Spark is an outdoor exercise programme, that is lead by our Personal Trainer Eileen Munday and runs regularly on alternate Sundays in a park in Romsey.

We originally started with a group 5 years ago which is going strong and here’s the video to show you what we get up to.

We have started a new group which meets at 9.15 and is looking for new members.  We aim to have about 6 people working together which allows us to still get personal attention from Eileen ensuring that our own needs and goals are addressed.

This Sunday (4th February) we are inviting you to come to the clinic to be able to hear more about the group, meet other members and to get your baseline measurements taken so that we can monitor your progress.

During this morning we will take a look at elements essential to your health and will focus on healthy detoxification and the basics of a balanced diet.

Please do let us know if you are able to come, you don’t have to join the regular group and can come just to this one off day if you like.   If you have been before please come along and have your measurements updated – you will be surprise at how you have already improved.

Ann, in her late 60’s says, that she loves working out at these session, under the bells of the Abbey, and is really finding that she is inspired and much more motivated to do more exercise during the rest of the week.

Everyone is welcome.

Personal Trainer for Exercise and Wellbeing Coaching

Clients of 2017 – Thank you

The A to Z of client memories this year begin with Andy, who chances his luck after work with a massage, one my the B’s gets the misfortune of cancer this year whilst Marion takes a weekly massage to sort out her fibromyalgia, Gavin begins my week and together we work a way through life’s challenges. Celia enjoys the benefits of Hopi Ear Candling and Daphne has discovered Natasha’s wonderful massages. Christina has facials, Angela swopped a fridge for a massage, Sarah was never late to buy a gift voucher and Veronica smiles again as she turns one massive corner this year.

Audrey said she could hear the voice of the lord speaking through me and exchanged my reception counter for a packet of Jamaican Jerk Seasoning.

Louise represented Great Britain in the Triathlon and did us very proud indeed.  Jennifer turned 5 without the tummy pains persisting and Moireach looks back on a full year without Jon.

Surnames beginning with I are few and far between, this year I saw only one, and hope to see her again.

Pam and Sue maintain their health and stress levels with regular massages.  K’s curiously only come once?!  Helen looks for an offer and Sue has shifted the fog that embraced her head and cleared the sinus problems.

Carol sadly lost her daughter and Jocelyn her womb, Lisa painted her nails with prosecco, sharing her birthday with sisters and daughter.  Ann joined the Spark exercise programme and now sees the Sunday sunrises.  Stacey’s skin shines smooth and pure without the eczema she suffered before.  Julie reached her 10th year of monthly massages, that must feel good.

Ruth and Rachel love their reiki and Alan lets me wax him.  Foot massages for Sian and solutions for Parkinsons for Alan.   Tracy treats her PMS and finds life is easier with herbs.   The laughter of Luciane is refreshed with Reiki.

Ian invited me to his works party and what a night we had.  Laura works on pre-conception and Bev won our raffle and has enjoyed a full year of treatments at half price.   Anna got married and moved from near the front of the filing cabinet to the back and even holds the last appointment the year.

Together with all the others the have come through the door this year we thank you, as you have made our year worthwhile.    Life in clinic is never dull.    I love my job as I know the others do too.

We will wish you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy start to 2018, we are here for you.


Best wishes

Tania, Natasha and Jean.


January Fitness Challenge with Eileen Munday

January Fitness Challenge with Eileen Munday

Many people have fitness trackers or apps nowadays to help keep them motivated to lose weight, burn calories, monitor heart rates, record training progress or help them eat sensibly.

They are all fantastic tools but not essential to enabling you to do these things. They work for lots of people but for those preferring that personal touch you can’t beat the social aspect of exercising with a group you feel comfortable with.

As an Exercise and Wellbeing Coach at The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey, I wanted to set up a plan that was simple, effective, required no wi-fi hotspot and enables people to be part of a group activity working alongside real people with similar goals.

Humans usually need to feel a sense of belonging in order to grow and succeed. They also want to be in control of their lives but have the option to ask for extra help as and when required and that’s where this challenge comes in with the optional training choices available to you to keep you on track.

Our version of a January New Year’s challenge is designed to help keep you focused, feeling fit and gently supported while making a start on burning off those extra Christmas calories or built up stresses.

Treat yourself to a nice little ‘Wellbeing’ book and record your personal health and fitness progress in it for 2018. This can also be done in your personal diary or even on a sheet of paper. (or your phone if you are attached to it).

Then, every day in January aim to do a little extra something of activity for your January Fitness Challenge. This can be anything like:

• Going for a morning or lunchtime walk, adding in a hill or two if venue allows
• Getting off the bus a stop early/parking further away than you need to in order to get a few extra minutes in
• Use the stairs every day at work for a day
• At home if you have stairs climb them ten times or take the steps two at a time even
• Try a new exercise class you have never done before
• Take advantage of a groupon offer if you can find one to try a new activity such as trampolining, bowling, ice skating, swimming or try a new pastime anyway!
• Get a skipping rope and try and beat the number of skips you did last time … aim for 5-10 more each time.
• If you don’t have a dog borrow one or accompany a friend on a dog walk
• Loan a bike on a nice sunny day or get yours out of the shed to cycle to meet a friend for lunch
• If you know you need to stretch out those tight muscles even a good stretching session at home with some deep breathing to ground you before you start your busy day even counts!

Here’s my own personal Quick ‘go to’ home workout if you get stuck such as……
3 minutes of jogging on the spot waving your arms, 5 x star jumps, 5 x press ups, 5 squats, 1 x plank, and repeat 2-3 times

If this challenge is successful we will aim to set different goals for you each month during the course of the year. We are really happy to put in the effort to create fun programs for you, but we need to know that you want these and will join in with us.

Even if you don’t manage to compete your activity diary every day, it really doesn’t matter. The aim of this is to get you thinking about being more physically active and doing more than you would if you were left to your own devices.

We would love to see your finished diaries at the end of the month, but again if you don’t want to share that’s absolutely fine. Its all about you doing what you need to. However, a reward will be given at our next OPEN MORNING on February 4th to the person who we feel has put the most in to this.

So, are you up for the January Fitness Challenge?
We are!

Register here today to come to our next Open Day Spark  on Sunday 4th February….. Keep the date, details to follow
Let us know here that you are going to join us this January and be part of a healthy new year

January Fitness Challenge with Eileen Munday at The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey

Christmas Discounted Gift Vouchers

These will be on sale until Midday Saturday 23rd December 2017.
To buy phone 01794 513153 and pay over the phone, or go via the payments page and enter the details of what you would like, the amount being paid and payment will go via Paypal.
Vouchers will then be emailed out to you.

Christmas 2017 Gift Vouchers

Back, Neck and Shoulders Massage (30 mins, usually £33) £26
A traditional massage to ease away the tensions and knots held within the back, neck and shoulders.

Indian Head Massage with your choice of a) Reiki or b) Reflexology
(60 minutes, value £66) £38
The choice is yours…. Indian Head massage to relax and rejuvenate the face, scalp, neck and shoulders together with the added benefits of your choice of treatment.

Chakra Reiki Balancing Massage (2 hours, usually £88) £60

Time to reset your chakras and corresponding energy fields. A totally restorative treatment blending relaxing deep healing of Reiki together with hands-on massage to clear blockages within the chakras and muscles – giving you free flowing chi, release of stress and tension and feeling fantastic.

£100 to spend in the clinic £80
Enjoy the freedom to choose whatever you might like from the full range of treatments. Can be used split against various treatments throughout the 3 months of validity.

Invest in yourself, your health and wellbeing
6 x 30 minute Massages (value up to £198) £165
12 x 30 minute Massages (value up to £396) £300
Time to fix that aching back, damaged shoulder, or tight hamstrings, use your 6 or 12 x 30 minute treatments over the course of the first 3 months of the year and get to really make a difference to your health and wellbeing. Add vouchers together if you wish to select longer treatments at any time.

To buy vouchers: Please phone on 01794 513153 or email or go via our website and in the payment section enter the voucher details and the full amount. Vouchers will be emailed.

Spark – Sundays in the Park – Outdoor Exercise session

Spark is our outdoor exercise programme lead by Personal Trainer Eileen Munday.

We first set up a group some 4 years ago which meets each 2nd week all year round.  This group has grown and is now at full capacity, hence starting this 2nd group.


Its still in its infancy so don’t hesitate to come and join us, we don’t have a fixed routine, so its not like trying to pick up where the class is in the gym.


Before joining Eileen will meet with you to undertake an assessment to ensure that you are OK to exercise, and to take some basic starting measurements of health to be able to monitor your progress and ensure that you get what you are looking for out of these sessions.

This way, you will get personal attention for your health considerations and goals as well as working as part of a group, which brings the fun element to this early morning session.


We currently meet alternate Sundays at 9.15 for 1 hour.

To find out more please get in touch.

Upcoming dates are:

Sunday 17th December

Sunday 7th January

Sunday 21st January

Whatever the weather. £10 each.

Personal Trainer for Exercise and Wellbeing Coaching