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Migraines and Naturopathy

Blog of a Migraine sufferer


26th May 2017

One of my consultations today was somewhat of a challenge.  There is a lady who has been coming to me for a while for back massages, as she suffers from lots of tension and horrendous migraines.  Last week I suggested she see me for a Naturopathic Consultation to try and get to the bottom of her headaches.  She was reluctant, having spent many years, lots of time and money seeing other people to no avail.   I really felt for her and heard myself offering to treat her with absolutely no payment until she was better.  So, today is the first time I get to really meet her and hear her story.  People tell me bits and pieces whilst in a massage but it is not enough for me to really build a person picture and to be able to help treat their concerns fully.  Taking the time in a Naturopathic Consultation will allow me to really get to see what is happening and to make a difference.


I have been able without absolute confidence treat digestive concerns, such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, bloating, etc and would have no hesitation in giving a guarantee on this, but a migraine can be much more complex.    So today, I have a challenge ahead of me.   Without disclosing any confidence I will aim to give you some updates on how this goes.   Our deal is, that I will consult and test for free, she will take any necessary supplements and make the recommended changes, and we will see where we are in 3 months time.  If she no longer suffers constant migraines, she will pay me for my consultations.  You really can’t get better than that.  I am looking forward to it, and I really hope for her that we can make the difference.


26th May 2017

We had our first Naturopathic Consultation.  A standard Naturopathic EAV Health Consultation, lasting approximately 1.5 hours.

Through a questionnaire and a lengthy chat we were able to get to build what I term a person picture.

Headaches were first apparent at the early age of 6 or 7 years, regularly occurring but as they did not come with the typical aura’s of a migraine they were not considered anything more than a bad headache.  This young girl would always carry Paracetamol or similar with her to school in case needed.

Once going to Uni they worsened, perhaps with the stress of study or the acknowledge lifestyle of later nights etc.  The doctors gave her a variety of medication, nothing that worked long term.

Visits to Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Accupuncture, Physiotherapy have not proven to solve the problem and even taking botox into the forehead and jaw have not resulted in pain free days.   Infact she claims the injection itself was incredibly painful.

Currently she is working with a regular mouth guard and the botox into the jaw which seems to be helping somewhat. Yet she still has persistent daily manageable pain.

Symptoms seem to get worse when she exercises or has not had good sleep.   On advice from a GP she is reducing her caffeine intake and is now successfully down to just one caffeinated drink per day.


In clinic I was able to do some testing with the EAV.  There were a number of food intolerances indicated and she is now going to make these changes in her diet.   Additionally deficiencies in some minerals and essential fatty acids were noted and supplementation will be given.   Focus on adequate hydration and correct assimilation (eg chewing ) of food and some gentle relaxing movement of the body, rather than powered exercise.


I will review with her in one month’s time, where I am hoping for an improvement in symptoms which will let us know we are on the right track to continue to build a healthier foundation free of headaches.

30th June 2017

I met with the client for her follow up Naturopathic Consultation after one month of being on her new programme.    She, not unlike many new clients, founds that she had not fully got on board yet.  For the first week she made the food and lifestyle changes, the 2nd week she added the vitamins and minerals and on week 3 and 4 she went on holiday, where she had less control of the choices.

She found that she was bored of chewing her foods, but does understand the importance of this and will resume putting this into practice.   When she started taking all the pills she got stomach pains and then could not identify which one it was, so have stopped taking and is slowing starting off with one pill and then a few days later taking the next until she is on the full supplement programme.

Whilst on holiday she says she has less migraines than usual for a holiday which was really nice as her days were very long and tiring.  She was enjoying a safari holiday in South Africa.

When she came to see me this time she was suffering horrendous headaches, recognisably different to her normal migraines  – she has quit caffeine completely.  Now for someone who previously drank diet coke for breakfast, that’s a big step and the detox will last for a few days.

Once seeing her, I have caught up again to check the headache has gone, it has and she is caffeine free.

We agreed to give it a few more weeks with all the pills, no holiday in the middle, just normal routine life and we will review in 6 weeks time.

I will tell you more as soon as I know. Fingers crossed for her.




Look after yourself this year

Its the beginning of the year and I know that many of you will have said that this year you are going to  look after yourself better.

You promise yourself  regular  massages, facials or other treatments,  but what happens is you get to the stage where your shoulders and back are hurting and you need a massage, but there is either no time in your diary or you phone me and cant get an appointment and then another week passes and the same thing happens and this repeat can mean that you end up not having those routine health prevention and wellbeing treatments you promised yourself.

So this year do it differently and plan to look after yourself.  Phone now and get scheduled dates into the diary, you can put them in right through to the end of the year and know that they are in place.  When you turn the page to the next week and see such a treat in store you will be pleased and your diary will work around this.   Keeping you well throughout.

If of course you realise that you can’t make the appointment, no problem, as long as you give us 48 hours notice we can cancel or move the appointment easily and without charge.  Unfortunately less time we will have a missed apt fee, but that should not happen.

Go on, give us a call and get the dates into the diary.



Happy New Year – to detox or not?

Hello and Happy New Year everyone,

 I hope that you have enjoyed a break, perhaps a little too much food and the odd glass or two extra.  It’s was that time of year.  Now is the time that everyone jumps onto the detox and fitness wagon.

Personally and professionally I don’t get much into detoxing, as I think that if you eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and most importantly have healthy bowels with good elimination then you should not need to embark on a strict detox programme as your body will do it naturally within its own healthy functioning.

Sometimes we all need a little guidance, or helping hand and it is definitely where I can come in as a naturopath to help you identify what could be changed to be able to help you return to a healthy balance and towards optimal health in a sustainable manner.

Look after yourself well this year.   Here are my absolute fundamentals to natural good health, so simple and yet I promise if you follow these you will feel good.


1)      Chew – its is so important – do it 32 x per mouthful each mouthful

2)      Hydrate – water without anything added 1.5 litres each day (other drinks on top of this)

3)      Exercise – move you body 20 minutes each day to get a slight sweat or slightly puffed

4)      Sleep – go to bed before midnight, get 8 hours of sleep


So, you may have read that list and thought, oh that is so obvious and simple.  Yep, it is.  And yet I see so many people in clinic that don’t do it.  So please give it a go, its not a pick one of the above options, it is to do it all.   I really do promise you that you will feel better.    Infact let me know the changes  you notice and I will share some stories here at they come in.


People say the nicest things

Recently I received this email.  I have asked permission to share it with you.  I have only changed names to protect identity, otherwise it is as originally written.

Dear Tania,

I have been wanting to e.mail you with my thanks since last week, when you gave us so much of your time and passed onto us so much knowledge at the Coates Centre in Lymington. It was a real real privilege to meet you.

It is not often these days that you meet people who are so giving.

I found everything that you had to say so interesting, and so much made sense, although I know you were listening to and passing on advice to three people with very different needs. As I said to you on the day, I am a slightly frustrated non-nutritionist, who would have loved to study nutrition and medicinal cookery many years ago – but my work commitments and the need to earn a living and support myself have had to take precedence.

You seemed to recognise last week that I have now “hit that brick wall”.

However, in comparison to the health problems that Sarah is having to cope with, my ailments pale to insignificance. She was such a strong willed and inspirational lady. But I guess we all live our own lives and all struggle to deal with what happens to us.

I would really like to come and see you when I get back from my holiday.   I feel I still haven’t got to the bottom of what is wrong with me, or what I can and should do to get better.

I have another consultation with Mr Brown on the 1st August. I am sure he is very knowledgable but I’m not sure he is the right person for me.

Without wishing to seem unfair, or critical of him and his initial assessment of me, he was a little lacking in empathy, and I’m not sure, being a man, he can really understand how a woman feels when my problems are possibly linked to hormones and emotions too. I also think he may be a tad “old school” and that his knowledge in areas outside those of his expertise might be tad out of date.

I felt an immediate connection with you and being the age I am and taking into consideration how sensitive and emotional I am right now and have been in recent years, I have learnt to believe in my gut reaction.

I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the information I have been given or am gleaning myself about what I need to do to overcome the repercussions of my past life, working and personal, and am still not sure about what I can and need to do. I know there is no quick fix. To unpick what has been done over the past 25 years or more is not going to happen overnight. I also wonder if I need the help of more than just one practitioner, as I think things are the result of more than one thing (namely a naturopath, a kinesiologist, a counsellor, a clinical nutritionist), but I’m not the professional, and desperately need the guidance of a professional like yourself, rather than stabbing away in the dark by myself.

I know my life needs to change but that in itself is a difficult one to tackle. I am also confused about my diet, despite working with food. I eat extremely well but know that I am insulin resistant at the moment, and have always struggled with my weight.

There is a lot I need to talk about.


Food Writer & Food stylist


Note from Tania Sellwood, ND

Karen is booked in for her appointment in August, when we will together be able to find an easy and sustainable way to building a healthy and happy life full of natural vitality.


Glucosamine Complete – The Gold Standard in Joint formulas

A staggering 8.75 million people in the UK have sought treatment for osteoarthritis.

Just over half of all people consulting about osteoarthritis have knee osteoarthritis.  In England, there are currently over 4 million people with this condition.  Furthermore the number of people with osteoarhtritis of the knee is estimated to increase to 6.5 million by 2020 (allowing for the size and ageing of the population and increasing levels of obesity).

Indeed musculoskeletal conditions account for 42% of all reported cases of work-related ill health.  With such shocking statistics for joint health, which based on current trends are only set to get worse, it is an area of health that we cannot ignore.

Below I have given details of Romsey Health and Beauty’s preferred product, Lamberts Glucosamine Complete.

Glucosamine sulphate

Glucosamine is one of the most widely taken products for joint care.  And its not difficult to understand why – it is because its so effective! Not only have good results been obtained in clinical studies, but also millions of people have proven it works for them.  What’s more, glucosamine is a relatively simple molecule that has an excellent safety record, which isn’t surprising given that it is produced naturaly within our bodies.

Glucosamine is essential for maintaining healthy cartilege, the smooth tissue that lines joints.  There are no edible food sources of glucosamine, so when our bodies fail to manufacture sufficient natural glucosamine, supplementation is useful to help maintain joint mobility.

Whilst glucosamine is available in various forms, glucosamine sulphate is the form that has been repeatedly and succesfully used alone in studies  It has an exceptional absorportion rate of 90 – 98%. Three tablets of my recomended preferred product Lamberts, Glucosamine Complete provides the full 1500mg of glucosamine sulphate that studies have confirmed as an effective dose.

The glucosamine that Lamberts use is the highest grade available and one of the few approved in the uK for pharmaceutical use.

Chondroitin Sulphate

Chondroitin sulphase is an important structural ocmponent of cartilage, the tough tissue that lines the surfaces of bones, and forms a major part of the extra-cellular matrix that provides much of cartilage’s resistance to compression.  Chrondroitin is thought to attract fluid into the cartilage and this enhances its elasticity,  It is also believed to inhibit the proteolytic enzymes that break-down cartilage.

Chondroitin sulphate is now a popular supplement worldwide, following a number of positive studies, and is usually combined with glucosamine as this compound works in a different but complimentary way.

Whilst it is a valuable nutritent for joint care, it is expensive.  However Lamberts would never compromise on the quality or level required to produce a Lamberts product since all their products are relevant potencies and premium quality. That’s why you’ll find these formulas deliver 300mg per daily dose.


This is a powerful bioflavonoid found in fruits, especially apples and is the subject of a number of human studies that have uncovered its important properties in relation to joint health.  We’ve added a healthy 60mg of quercetin per daily dose.


Many practitioners see methysulphonylmethane (MSM) as a perfect partner to glucosamine.  It is a key component of cartilage and plays an important role in joint health.

Most companies ccurrently supply petrochemical MSM, whereas Lamberts MSM is naturally sourced.  Plus at 150mg per daily dose, Lamberts provide a much high level than most other combination formulas available.


This versatile root has an incredible range of applications that have proved useful to mankind.  Jn particular, it is renowned for its usefulness for many gastrointestinal complaints.  More recently however, ginger has soared i popularity with practitioners for use in helping maintain healthy joints.

Lamberts have included the equivalent of a full 1200mg of ginger (as a 60mg extract) in this formula,  avoiding the mess and fuss associated with preparing fresh ginger.  Many conbination formulas simply contain  powdered ginger.

Rose Hip

Scientists are now uncovering the powerful properties, valued for centruries by traditional herbalists.  Rosehips are a naturally rich source of vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation and the normal function of cartilage, skin and blood vessels.  Present as a 100mg extract, this level is not just for show.

Lamberts, Glucosamine Complete is a product that contain the highest quality glucosamine, but is extremely affordable, so adding it to your health regime will cost relatively little compared to the benefits it can bring to joint health.

120 Tablets are £13.95

To order please

For a consultation relating to your health and concerns regarding joint and mobilty call today to see Tania Sellwood , Naturopathic Doctor

To book an appointment, call 01794 513153 or email