Happy New Year – to detox or not?

Hello and Happy New Year everyone,

 I hope that you have enjoyed a break, perhaps a little too much food and the odd glass or two extra.  It’s was that time of year.  Now is the time that everyone jumps onto the detox and fitness wagon.

Personally and professionally I don’t get much into detoxing, as I think that if you eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly and most importantly have healthy bowels with good elimination then you should not need to embark on a strict detox programme as your body will do it naturally within its own healthy functioning.

Sometimes we all need a little guidance, or helping hand and it is definitely where I can come in as a naturopath to help you identify what could be changed to be able to help you return to a healthy balance and towards optimal health in a sustainable manner.

Look after yourself well this year.   Here are my absolute fundamentals to natural good health, so simple and yet I promise if you follow these you will feel good.


1)      Chew – its is so important – do it 32 x per mouthful each mouthful

2)      Hydrate – water without anything added 1.5 litres each day (other drinks on top of this)

3)      Exercise – move you body 20 minutes each day to get a slight sweat or slightly puffed

4)      Sleep – go to bed before midnight, get 8 hours of sleep


So, you may have read that list and thought, oh that is so obvious and simple.  Yep, it is.  And yet I see so many people in clinic that don’t do it.  So please give it a go, its not a pick one of the above options, it is to do it all.   I really do promise you that you will feel better.    Infact let me know the changes  you notice and I will share some stories here at they come in.


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