Look after yourself this year

Its the beginning of the year and I know that many of you will have said that this year you are going to  look after yourself better.

You promise yourself  regular  massages, facials or other treatments,  but what happens is you get to the stage where your shoulders and back are hurting and you need a massage, but there is either no time in your diary or you phone me and cant get an appointment and then another week passes and the same thing happens and this repeat can mean that you end up not having those routine health prevention and wellbeing treatments you promised yourself.

So this year do it differently and plan to look after yourself.  Phone now and get scheduled dates into the diary, you can put them in right through to the end of the year and know that they are in place.  When you turn the page to the next week and see such a treat in store you will be pleased and your diary will work around this.   Keeping you well throughout.

If of course you realise that you can’t make the appointment, no problem, as long as you give us 48 hours notice we can cancel or move the appointment easily and without charge.  Unfortunately less time we will have a missed apt fee, but that should not happen.

Go on, give us a call and get the dates into the diary.



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