People say the nicest things

Recently I received this email.  I have asked permission to share it with you.  I have only changed names to protect identity, otherwise it is as originally written.

Dear Tania,

I have been wanting to e.mail you with my thanks since last week, when you gave us so much of your time and passed onto us so much knowledge at the Coates Centre in Lymington. It was a real real privilege to meet you.

It is not often these days that you meet people who are so giving.

I found everything that you had to say so interesting, and so much made sense, although I know you were listening to and passing on advice to three people with very different needs. As I said to you on the day, I am a slightly frustrated non-nutritionist, who would have loved to study nutrition and medicinal cookery many years ago – but my work commitments and the need to earn a living and support myself have had to take precedence.

You seemed to recognise last week that I have now “hit that brick wall”.

However, in comparison to the health problems that Sarah is having to cope with, my ailments pale to insignificance. She was such a strong willed and inspirational lady. But I guess we all live our own lives and all struggle to deal with what happens to us.

I would really like to come and see you when I get back from my holiday.   I feel I still haven’t got to the bottom of what is wrong with me, or what I can and should do to get better.

I have another consultation with Mr Brown on the 1st August. I am sure he is very knowledgable but I’m not sure he is the right person for me.

Without wishing to seem unfair, or critical of him and his initial assessment of me, he was a little lacking in empathy, and I’m not sure, being a man, he can really understand how a woman feels when my problems are possibly linked to hormones and emotions too. I also think he may be a tad “old school” and that his knowledge in areas outside those of his expertise might be tad out of date.

I felt an immediate connection with you and being the age I am and taking into consideration how sensitive and emotional I am right now and have been in recent years, I have learnt to believe in my gut reaction.

I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the information I have been given or am gleaning myself about what I need to do to overcome the repercussions of my past life, working and personal, and am still not sure about what I can and need to do. I know there is no quick fix. To unpick what has been done over the past 25 years or more is not going to happen overnight. I also wonder if I need the help of more than just one practitioner, as I think things are the result of more than one thing (namely a naturopath, a kinesiologist, a counsellor, a clinical nutritionist), but I’m not the professional, and desperately need the guidance of a professional like yourself, rather than stabbing away in the dark by myself.

I know my life needs to change but that in itself is a difficult one to tackle. I am also confused about my diet, despite working with food. I eat extremely well but know that I am insulin resistant at the moment, and have always struggled with my weight.

There is a lot I need to talk about.


Food Writer & Food stylist


Note from Tania Sellwood, ND

Karen is booked in for her appointment in August, when we will together be able to find an easy and sustainable way to building a healthy and happy life full of natural vitality.


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