Tania Sellwood, ND

Naturopath and Foot Health Practitioner

Tania  Sellwood, Naturopathic Doctor (ND) began working in natural medicine in 1995 with her first Aromatherapy Massage clinic in Brisbane, Australia.  After completion of an Advanced Diploma in Health Science, Tania began work as a qualified Naturopath working in a clinic in Australia blending traditional naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine with the modern diagnositics of EAV testing equipment.    In 2004 Tania returned to the UK where she established her Naturopath and Massage clinic in Romsey, Hampshire.  Tania is a graduate of the prestigious SMAE Institute and brings routine foot health care to her clients, providing much needed treatments for the aging population, as well as helping others with problems such as ingrown nails, verrucae and athletes foot.

Tania aims to help people achieve better health through identifying and understanding the underlying cause of their health patterns and to find lasting sustainable ways of improvement without the need for continual ‘hand-holding’ in clinic or repeated regular visits.   Tania is very practical in her ideas and offers suggestions for health improvements that are achievable and realistic.


  • Ad. Dip. HSc. (Naturopathy) (ACNM)
  • Dip. HSc. (Nutrition) (ACNM)
  • Dip. HSc. (Herbal Medicine) (ACNM)
  • Dip FHP (Foot Health) (SMAE)

As a practitioner of EAV (Electro Acupuncture Voll), Tania has been working with this technology since 2002 to help quickly pinpoint areas of imbalance and identify changes needed. This is particularly effective where Food Intolerances are concerned.

Bringing all of these different elements together within treatments, to really give you the benefit of  experience to ensure that you receive the most effective, tailor made treatment at each and every visit you make to The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey.

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