Nutrition & Food Intolerances

Nutrition and Food Intolerances

Natural vitality

The quality of your dietary intake is absolutely fundamental to your

Within a Naturopathic Health Consultation, focus will be given not just to the choice of foods that you make, but understanding the balance required in a healthy dietary plan.

Once you know the importance of eating the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, and knowing which are the best choices of these, it becomes easier just to eat meals that build you a healthy body that is full of natural vitality.

Food Intolerances

An intolerance to particular foods is often an undiagnosed element of the underlying cause of ill health patterns. Intolerances can manifest in seemingly unrelated and sometimes surprising ways. This is why Food intolerance testing is an intrinsic part of our Naturopathic Consultations at The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey in Hampshire.

About Food Intolerances and EAV testing

Food as medicine

Nutrition is not just about food, it is a complex blend of foods, together with an understanding of how the digestive system works and how the internal bio-system relates to the foods that it is given. It is also about getting to know about supplements and how and when to make best use of them.

Whilst it is very rare to be given a predictive diet to follow, you will gain invaluable knowledge into what to eat, when to eat, how to eat and what to choose to only do in moderation.

Using food as medicine makes the best value out of your natural meal choices and builds up your physical wellbeing in the best way possible. And if you’re health concern is about, or related to, size or weight loss, we can use foods to increase your vitality, so that weight and size can be reduced in a healthy way.

Don’t be fearful of putting on weight through eating a healthy diet – it’s more likely that you’ll lose weight in a steady and sustainable way.

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