Spark – Outdoor Small Group Exercise

Spark – is the name of our small outdoor exercise group.  We currently meet each Sunday morning at a park in Romsey, whatever the weather.

The group consists of just 4 members at present who are ranging from their 60’s to 80’s and exercise is tailored to ensure that each person is working to their levels as well as ensuring that any health conditions are given consideration.   Whilst with a small group we like to have a good chat and always find ourselves with a coffee at the end, it is about doing some exercise and working to help maintain wellbeing, with a focus on balance, strength and cardio.

It would be good to have a few more members, and it is honestly such a great way to exercise.

Additionally I am going to be putting the Wednesday morning session back on as well, so let me know if you might be interested in that.   I stopped so that I could myself go to a pilates class, and now as we are coming towards enclosed rooms for the cooler months, I realised that I really dont want to be inside doing exercise, I want to do it outside and by being part of the group we are all motivated to do it.

Classes are based on 5 sessions for £40, you dont have to come each week but I do ask that you provide adequate notice for lesson plans to be created.

Do you think you might enjoy this?   Benefit from it?   Why not get in touch and come along for a trial session, its open for men and ladies, whatever your age, whatever your fitness.    We all had to start somewhere and we are all grateful for having started this group.

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