Foot Health Care

Foot health care is something that many of us will find ourselves needing at some stage of our lives.

Difficulty getting to the toenails is a reason that many people find themselves coming for regular appointments at the Chiropodist, Podiatrist or the Foot Health Practitioner.

I have recently qualified at the Institute of SMAE with a diploma of Foot Health, and am able to work with people of all ages to help with their foot care needs.

As mentioned, many people come for routine nail cutting as they have difficulty getting to the nails easily.

Others will come for removal of hard skin and callus, which can be painful, especially if it forms as a hard corn in a weight bearing position.    Debridement, or removal of this hard skin and the central enucleation of the core is something that can be simply done in a treatment giving immediate relieve and comfort.

Sadly, it is unlikely to be a one stop fix, as hard skin and callus is infact a protective mechanism of your own body from where friction is found, perhaps from excess walking, poor gait, or from shoes that don’t fit quite right and rub onto the little toe, for example.

Some people find they have a problem with athletes feet, and fungal concerns, which left untreated can get into the nails and under the nail plate, lifting the nail from the toe – unsightly and unpleasant, and unnecessary as it can be treated and cleared.

Cracked heels and sore feet, with the right treatment, creams and at home advice can be resolved and you can find yourself ‘sitting at home admiring my feet’ as one client has told me he took to after just one visit.  He now is looking forward to a summer in sandals not afraid of how his feet look.

If you are having any problems with your feet, book in for an initial assessment and treatment, and with my background in massage you can be sure to receive a lovely foot massage at the end if you would like it.