I recently saw a lady in her early 30’s who was suffering from very painful bloating and stinky flatulence.  She could not shift weight despite eating a healthy diet.   She worked long hours and would have a constant runny nose and puffy eyes.

I had a Naturopath Consultation with her and did some food intolerance testing.   Whilst there were a couple of foods to change, I also spent time helping her understand how to work with (rather than against) her digestive system.     She went away with foods to change and new habits to form.

This morning, she sent me this email

I had the consultation and food allergy testing with you on the 5th of September and just wanted to give you a little update, since visiting you I cut out as many of the foods as I could and definitely reduced them dramatically. I’ve also been eating very mindfully, which I’ve really enjoyed and since doing so, have realised I don’t actually do much mindfully in this busy world, so its been great for me to practice that in other areas of my life as well.

Since doing all of the above I have noticed a dramatic difference with regards to bloating and flatulence and have had them only about twice since visiting you, both times I found it a lot easier to pin point what could have been the cause, rather than being completely clueless. 

I was very happy you explained to me about the mindful eating, the way in which you explained it just made so much sense and I’ve realised how I was doing so many things wrong now, I always used to wash my food down with a big mug of tea or coffee and of course, now I think about it, how would my body be able to deal with that, it feels crazy i couldn’t have worked that out for my self, but with all the conflicting information in this world, its hard to know what is right or wrong, which is why I so badly wanted to see someone that could help me personally with my issues and you have most certainly done that, so again many thanks.   Michelle September 2019


“For months I suffered from really painful cramps and bloating every time I ate – to the extent that halfway through a meal I would have to leave and lie down until the pain passed. I felt really down as it had completely overtaken my life and destroyed my self-confidence. But then I came across Tania by accident and although I was slightly doubtful whether it would work I was willing to try anything. She tested me for different food groups and told me what to cut out. I decided to stick it out and give it a proper go which wasn’t easy… sugar was my main enemy and for two weeks I was constantly craving it along with feeling nauseous and incredibly lethargic. However I’m now three months down the line and I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel – both physically and mentally. My cramps are almost completely gone and I rarely ever get bloated. Having now gone back to be re-tested the results were miles better and it’s just such a relief to be able to start eating normal food again without suffering. I honestly cannot thank Tania enough.” – Sam (July 2018)


“I was recommended to Tania by a colleague at work. I had been suffering a persistent cough and chronic fatigue, plus other symptoms for at least six months. Numerous visits to my GP hadn’t resolved the issues or even began to piece the symptoms together. Tania was able to diagnose and link all my symptoms together and provided a remedial plan for me to work to. Tania was very clear about setting my expectations for recovery. Within 10 days my cough had nearly gone, other symptoms started to improve. Now five weeks on, I now have considerable more energy, and am able to get through a week at work fairly comfortably. At my lowest point I could walk no further than a mile without rest, I am now up to 5 miles without feeling fatigued. Thanks for your help and advice.” Andrew (July 2018)


“I just want to thank you for such a brilliant day on Sunday. I learnt so many things about myself and my daughter and had so many ‘light bulb’ moments! I wasn’t sure what my daughter would get out of the day but I knew she would reap the benefits at some point in the future. I didn’t have to wait long though, she decided yesterday that she wants to change career course and is even considering going back to college so she can go to university to study nutrition or something similar!

 I cannot tell you what a difference you have made to my life,I’m just so glad I discovered you when I did.

 Anyway, thanks once again for everything you have done and continue to do.” – GH (A client who has received great benefit via understanding her digestive system.  This email came following her and her daughter’s attendance at one of my One Day Workshops – Personal Development)


“I first went to see Tania as I was feeling very run down after the birth of my second child. Not only did she help me assess my current health and nutritional status to be able to ‘boost’ me back up, she also discovered a food intolerance I had. She helped regain my confidence again with her informal yet friendly counselling skills and get my life back on track! I have since seen her again for digestive health advice, beauty treatments and massage and would highly recommend her. She is always professional, knowlegable and clearly very experienced in her field.” EM – Personal Trainer and Exercise Specialist, Romsey


Thank you for today; although I am delighted about the positive nutritional reading, I have come away with a lot more than that, a lot more than you will ever know. So thank you.” – AC (Following her first Naturopathic Consultation)



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