Anxiety and Stress are a necessary safety mechanism in life.   Problems arise when anxiety and stress become frequent and compounding, never giving you a break to re-set yourself as relaxed and unstressed.

Whilst we still refer to the stress response as the flight or fight reaction, we are no longer running from the caveman in the wilds, yet we react with the same hormonal stress response to smaller everyday things, both physical and psychological. Pressures and deadlines at work, problems with loved ones, the need to pay bills, are just some of the obvious sources of anxiety and stress for many people. Less obvious sources include everyday encounters with noise, traffic, crowds, pain, extremes of temperature and even welcome events such as a new job or move to a new house/area.   We even need to consider that long hard sessions in the Gym can be perceived by our internal hormones as stress.

Some people handle stress well whilst others are negatively influenced by it. Stress can cause fatigue, headaches, irritability, changes in appetite, memory loss, low self-esteem, withdrawal, cold hands, high blood pressure, shallow breathing, nervous twitches, reduced sex drive, insomnia or other changes in sleep patterns, and/or gastrointestinal disorders. Stress creates the perfect breeding ground for other illnesses because of its effect on the immune response including, cardiovascular disease, cancer, endocrine and metabolic disease, skin disorders, and infectious ailments of all kinds. Stress is viewed as a mental/psychological problem, but it has physical affects as the body responds with a series of physiological changes that include increased adrenal secretion, elevation of blood pressure, accelerated heartbeat and muscular tension.

Taking time to have a consultation to look at your overall health and considerations of how stress might be impacting upon it, will permit the opportunities to identify areas where simple changes could have a dynamic improvement on your health and wellbeing.    Working on the underlying factors and supporting the body systems through period of un-avoidable stress, whilst learning how to cope and manage stress better will be invaluable time spent.    On an ongoing basis you may find that regular massage with the additional of aromatherapy might prove to be the antidote to your busy stressful schedules.

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