Bloating is an annoying concern that is showing to be quite common nowadays, and whilst it may an underlying symptom in woman of Ovarian Cancer and should be discussed with your GP in the first instance, there are a number of things that can be done to really help if it is with a Digestive health pattern.

Digestive Health is definitely one of the most common presenting health concerns to a Naturopath and can be helped very often with the identification of any intolerant foods, improvement of digestive function, improved assimilation and understanding of how the gut works and how it is impacted by stress and dietary habits.

It may be that there is a need to herbs or supplements to enhance the digestive process or to help with detoxification and improvement in liver / gallbladder function.   Rest assured, if your bloating is from a weakened digestive function it will soon be back on a healthy track leaving you to have your days with comfort and ease again.

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