Childhood Behavioural Problems

Childhood behavioural problems

When a child is feeling unwell they don’t always know how to express that verbally and it can play out in their behaviour.  Perhaps assumed to be just a naughty child, or a slow learner at school, or even at times appearing to be seeking attention through misbehaviour.   All of this might be due to there being an underlying concern.

Commonly I have found in clinic situations that a combination of a poor gut health, called dysbiosis, and resultant or concurrent mineral deficiencies when corrected can show a dramatic improvement in a childs health and behaviour.

Within days of settling the digestive system, reducing any pain and discomfort, helping bowels to work healthily and eating foods that contribute to good health and don’t pose any negative stresses or imbalances on the body, a child will change in their nature.

Rather than just try to guess which foods might be causing concerns, why not have an Intolerance Test together with a full naturopathic consultation to be able to address both the potential foods causing inflammation and discomfort and find out ways that the body systems can be helped to be healthier as your child grows and develops.

Here is a note that was given by a young girl, after her first appointment

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