Colds and Flu

Colds and flu

It is a normal and not unhealthy thing to get a cold occasionally, it is a sign that your body is accurately responding to the bugs and virus’s that are in your environment.  Your immune system has recognised a threat and responded accordingly.

Whist it might feel miserable and prolonged it is a not a sign of poor health.  However if you find that you are unable to shift the cold or it turns to your chest or that you are getting them recurrently then it might be that your immune system is struggling to cope and that there could be other factors involved in weakening your immune system.

A Naturopathic consultation could be just what you need.   Take the time to look at your whole body and its organs and systems to see where there is areas being compromised or stressed.  Making changes to your diet, through improvement in nutritional intake and reduction in inflammatory responses from such things as food intolerances and poor digestive habits might well be the key to taking the ongoing stress off your immune system.   Allowing it to reheal and strengthen, giving you better health and wellbeing and less frequent, less sever colds and flu symptoms.

Herbal tonics can be used to boost the immune system, or taken as a preventative ‘winter tonic’.   Whatever your personal needs are, the time in consultation will be given to being able to identify and help to rectify.


“I was recommended to Tania by a colleague at work. I had been suffering a persistent cough and chronic fatigue, plus other symptoms for at least six months. Numerous visits to my GP hadn’t resolved the issues or even began to piece the symptoms together. Tania was able to diagnose and link all my symptoms together and provided a remedial plan for me to work to. Tania was very clear about setting my expectations for recovery. Within 10 days my cough had nearly gone, other symptoms started to improve. Now five weeks on, I now have considerable more energy, and am able to get through a week at work fairly comfortably. At my lowest point I could walk no further than a mile without rest, I am now up to 5 miles without feeling fatigued. Thanks for your help and advice.” Andrew (July 2018)


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