Constipation is a condition that many people suffer with in silence.  It’s not something that people like to talk about, and it is often not given the consideration that I as a Naturopath think it should be given.

‘You are what you eat’, is a well known saying.    What you eat is supposed to give you vitality and energy to live your life, the foods are supposed to be assimilated and taken up by the body to do all the jobs needed to heal and repair, to grow and thrive.  The left over fibrous matter will form the stool (poo) and should pass with no pain or discomfort.


If you are passing less than one normal easy to evacuate complete bowel motion daily then you are definitely considered as constipated.   Left to continue you may find that other more system illnesses present because of this toxic load that you carry within you.

Learning to eat the right foods, in the right manner will set you off on the correct path to giving your digestive system the help it needs to get the bowels moving regularly and completely.  All this can be done without the need for laxatives or more evasive treatments.

Constipation and other digestive discomfort / disorders can be easily treated and you could be having better motions in just a matter of a few days.

Trust me on this, as a Naturopath it is our speciality.  Please don’t be at home wishing there was something to help and not call me now for an appointment.

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