Everyone gets fed up, hurt and depressed at times.  You can feel overwhelmed, or burdened, melancholic or just plain sad.   But if you are reading this then there is a chance that your feelings of depression are deeper and longer lasting than that of working through one of life’s situations or that you are looking for some help to support you during these times.

In clinic you will have the opportunity to be heard, we will take the time to listen without judgement or involvement in your concerns and to work with you to support you through diet and lifestyle to be better able to cope with depression and its resulting physical affects.

You might find that a regular massage gives you the time and the relaxation to re-set and be able to better cope.  We work with Aromatherapy essential oils which add fantastic benefits to your treatment and have influencing roles on the nervous system.

Reiki can be profound in helping you to overcome anxieties and stress and may well help relieve feelings of depression.  It’s a hand on form of healing that is available to everyone whatever their age or state of wellness.   It can be taken alone or combined with the physical work of massage.

Taking the time to look at your physical and emotional health would allow you to consider underlying factors and ways in which you might be able to make simple changes that can give lasting benefits.    Identification of the right diet to follow, one that offers you a good balance of healthy nutrients that support the body systems, replenishment of any Vitamins and Minerals that if deficient could prevent you from being able to get back into balance and using Herbal Medicines or Flower Essences (if needed) to cleanse, nourish, rebalance and revitalise your body.

At the Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey we provide the space for you to come and relax and recharge, time in consultation to talk through your concerns and find solutions and support to help you grow the body and health that you desire.

The choice is yours, the support is ours.

Give us a call today to come and find out how we might be able to help you to better health and to find ways to help deal with your depression.

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“I have visited the clinic many times over the last two years for reiki treatments. I used to walk out of the treatment feeling very light and super relaxed, but also rejuvenated and focused. It really helped me when I was suffering from anxiety and depression. 

The clinic itself is clean and relaxing and so are the treatment rooms. The staff always make sure you are comfortable before starting the treatment and they never hurry you at the end”   Emily, 2018