EAV Allergy Intolerance Testing

EAV Allergy Intolerance testing available here in Romsey.

EAV stands for Electro Acupuncture according to Voll .

EAV Allergy Intolerance testing

EAV was developed in 1950’s

Reinhold Voll was a German physician.  In the 1950s he looked to further his treatments through merging traditional western allopathic medicine together with eastern energetic healing practices.

EAV is non-invasive and uses the bodies meridians (energy channels) to determine the energetic health of the organ systems. EAV is an efficient means of being able to identify the underlying cause of ill health and the areas in the body most compromised.

Tania Sellwood is a skilled practitioner of EAV based at The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey.  Using EAV testing she is able to quickly identify any Food Intolerances, Vitamin and Mineral levels, hormone imbalances, environmental toxins, parasites, viruses, organ stress or weakness.   All of which could lead to an imbalance in overall health.  These results are considered together with traditional Naturopathic knowledge to be able to formulate a treatment plan for you, addressing your health concerns from their root cause.

Using Reinhold Voll’s Electro Acupuncture system for Allergy Intolerance testing, an extremely low voltage circuit is passed through the client’s body and measurements are taken from acupuncture points using a probe. No needles are inserted, nor is any blood drawn. It is a totally external probe onto the skin.

Voll determined that if the resistance measured at the acupuncture point was 100 Ohms, it was indicative of good functioning health. He devised a scale and assigned 100 Ohms resistance the arbitrary number of 50. If there was an increased resistance to the current flow it was below 50 on his scale and an indication that the body area was either under-functioning or deteriorating. If the current flowed more freely it was assigned scaling above 50 and was indicative of inflammation or hyper-functioning.

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