We all get tired and yet we push on, not wanting to let others down, or to accept that we are ‘doing too much’.  Running on caffeine, sugar, stress might give the illusion of being able to do plenty but in time you can realise that you are just plain tired.

Tired, exhausted, fatigues, lethargic, hit the wall, done in.    All of which are perfectly good to feel when you have been actively doing plenty and now its the time to recharge your body.

But when these feelings of tired, lethargic, and fatigued don’t clear after a good rest and they seem set to stay you can get really down.

It might be mental fatigue or physical fatigue both can be debiilating.

getting onto the right nutritional and dietary intake will ensure that you are allowing your body the ability to rebuild and recuperate.  Taking time out for rest and relaxation, stress management, massage, meditation etc will all give that healing space.

Changing exercise from running and the gym to yoga and stretch with gentle walking might allow more sustainable recuperation.  Everyone is different and their reasons for being fatigued will need to be considered in consultation to be able to find the point at which change needs to occur.

There are a whole host of supplements and herbs that can override fatigue but this is not the way to address it.  If you continue to push on whilst fatigued you might develop adrenal deficiencies or thyroid concerns and then its a much bigger picture to return you to health.

Stop and rest, with great nutrition, and if you are not recuperating as you would expect, come and have a Naturopathic consultation with me to be able to find out what is going wrong and where we can begin to rebuild you.

Soon enough you will have your zest back, full of natural health and vitality.


“I was recommended to Tania by a colleague at work. I had been suffering a persistent cough and chronic fatigue, plus other symptoms for at least six months. Numerous visits to my GP hadn’t resolved the issues or even began to piece the symptoms together. Tania was able to diagnose and link all my symptoms together and provided a remedial plan for me to work to. Tania was very clear about setting my expectations for recovery. Within 10 days my cough had nearly gone, other symptoms started to improve. Now five weeks on, I now have considerable more energy, and am able to get through a week at work fairly comfortably. At my lowest point I could walk no further than a mile without rest, I am now up to 5 miles without feeling fatigued. Thanks for your help and advice.” Andrew (July 2018)


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