Headache is produced by the stimulation of pain sensitive structures within the cranium or in the extra cranial tissue of the head and the neck.

The most common cause of headache is due to dilation, distension and displacement of the blood vessels around the nerve structures.  When an artery becomes distended, the delicate network of nerve fibres around it stretch and give off pain signals that may increase with each pulse, so the headache may be described as throbbing.

Symptoms of muscular headaches; dull pain, pressure, band-like squeezing, pressing pain and those of a vascular or migrain nature give rise to throbbing, pounding, rhythmic, pulsating pain.

The best way to deal with headaches is to prevent their occurrence by limiting or avoid the various triggers that initial the headache.

  1. Avoid all vasoactive amine rich foods, all types of alcohol especially red wine or any food known to trigger a headache, eg cheese, bananas
  2. Check for food intolerances.  Common foods involved are milk, orange, chocolate and wheat
  3. avoid all sugar, cakes, biscuits, white bread, refined and processed foods
  4. increase the fibre content of your diet
  5. improve digestion
  6. eat 5 – 6 small meals daily
  7. drink at least 2 litres of pure water daily
  8. avoid all coffee, tea, cocoa
  9. treat any premenstrual symptoms
  10. increase flaxseed or fish oils
  11. check with a chiropractor for any misalignment
  12. use cold compresses
  13. treat stress
  14. treat any infections or fungus
  15. check and treat any blood sugar imbalances
  16. avoid drugs and chemicals

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