Acne and other skin concerns

Acne and other skin disorders can be really frustrating and at times can affect a person’s self esteem and lead to deeper feelings of depression and unhappiness.

There are certain times in a person’s life when hormones can play a changing effect onto the skin and it can feel as though there is no option but to live with it.

Don’t despair.  There are things that can be offered to help and in many cases really improve the quality of your skin.

Food Intolerances might well be an underlying factor and can easily be identified and then corrected.   It is not always easy to avoid some of the foods that might be causing inflammation or imbalance to your system but in time you will learn to enjoy other foods that nourish your blood and body systems and allow them to glow with health.

If you continue to eat the foods that cause the imbalance and the ongoing need to ‘clean up inside’ then you are likely to suffer the skin concerns for much longer.

Simple foods that you would not think are a problem, if intolerant, can cause reactions that present on the bodies largest organ – the Skin.  This could be acne, eczema, psoriasis, fungal concerns or hives and rashes.

Whilst identifying and removing/reducing problem foods will be helpful it will also be necessary to have a look at any deficiencies in Vitamins and Minerals.  For example, during puberty the Testes are developing rapidly and sperm manufacture takes up a lot of the bodies Zinc.  Zinc deficiencies can show as the body having poorer healing responses and with skin concerns, especially teenage acne.

There are a number of Vitamins and Minerals that would be helpful to ensure you have in adequate supply (ideally in the diet, but sometimes taken additionally as supplements) to help give the body what it needs.

As well as looking at the intake of foods and the supplementation of Vitamins and Minerals it is important to make sure that the body is being able to absorb those nutrients.    Stress and poor digestive function can reduce the uptake of nutrients and of course, if you are not eliminating your waste effectively then that toxic build up can and will cause imbalances – perhaps showing in your skin.  Or it may be that there is an overgrowth of yeast which then presents not just as thrush but systemic within the skin.

A consultation will look at all of these factors together with listening to your own stories and concerns to make sure that a programme is developed that will get you on your way to better skin, and overall health, quickly and sustainable.

Treatments might include changes to your diet, and supplementation with Vitamins and Minerals.  It might be necessary to address any underlying fungal concerns, hormonal imbalances, or supportive treatments for the liver and kidneys or underlying yeast concerns via herbal medicines.    Skin hygiene and facial programs can be looked at together with good natural products that are kind, gentle and beneficial to the skin.

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