Hormonal imbalances

Your nervous system and your hormones are the controllers of you and your health and wellbeing.

They are responsible for all healthy responses to keep your body in balance.   Closely controlled in a way that is quite honestly nothing but incredible.

We often think of hormones and their imbalance primarily for conception or just when the menstrual cycle is out of balance cause PMS, PMT or other concerns, but there are a whole host of other hormones working in the body at all the times of the day and night.

There are even hormones that recognise when it is day and when it is night and control your cicadian rhythm.

Stress, which is a title given to a response to many different adrenal hormones has the ability to put out of balance many other hormones,  and this is often the place where we would look to take back control and make some simple lifestyle changes to ‘ease the stress’.

By calming the stress response, so that is works correctly when needed, but not left in overdrive all the time, will allow the other hormones to settle and prove to be more balanced and healthful.

This will give you a whole host of improved health benefits.

There are other hormones that can be out of balance as well, all of which can be discussed and considered in a consultation.

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