IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the medical term for spastic colon or mucous colitis.

It is one of the commonest gut problems encountered by gastroenterologists with the diagnosis being made when no other cause can be found for long-standing bowel problems.

There are many causes of IBS including stress, food intolerance, and digestive enzyme insufficiency.

The most common symptoms are right or left-sided abdominal pain, indigestion and diarrhoea or constipation – occurring alone, or in alternation. The abdominal pain often occurs in attacks and may be provoked by food and relieved by bowel movements.

Stools may be pellet or ribbon-like, with or without mucous. Diarrhoea may be painless and is usually in the morning.

Other symptoms include swelling of the abdomen, audible rumbling and excessive wind. The syndrome can occur in anyone but is most frequent in women between the ages of 20 and 40. The cause is uncertain but seems to be due to abnormal gut movements. In some people, psychological factors such as anxiety, tension and stress may be associated with IBS. Others can trace the onset of IBS to a bout of infective diarrhoea, a course of antibiotics, or to eating certain foods. Conventional treatment is by way of drugs to help control the symptoms, including laxatives for constipation, antispasmodic drugs for cramps, analgesics for pain, anti-diarrhoea drugs or antidepressants to relieve anxiety and stress.

If you would prefer to avoid prescription drugs to manage the symptoms of IBS and to take the time to find out what your unique causes are then you will be able to make changes that bring about lasting benefits.

As a Naturopath I work with people almost everyday suffering some form of IBS or gut dysbiosis, it is the most common complaint that I see.    I can honestly tell you that I have turned around hundreds of people in just a matter of days from a position of being really fed up with their ‘tummy problems’ to a place where they cannot believe the difference in such a short time span.

It’s not just a few days to ‘cure’ you, but it can be that soon to discover that you are on the right path, making the correct dietary changes, improving your gut function and seeing the positive results that will lead to a change that will last.   Whilst it is not difficult to do, it will involve some changes to your choice of foods and maybe to your way of eating.  All of which will be explained to you as your own specific needs are identified, tested and then given to you in an easy to follow programme on the day of your first appointment.

“For months I suffered from really painful cramps and bloating every time I ate – to the extent that halfway through a meal I would have to leave and lie down until the pain passed. I felt really down as it had completely overtaken my life and destroyed my self-confidence. But then I came across Tania by accident and although I was slightly doubtful whether it would work I was willing to try anything. She tested me for different food groups and told me what to cut out. I decided to stick it out and give it a proper go which wasn’t easy… sugar was my main enemy and for two weeks I was constantly craving it along with feeling nauseous and incredibly lethargic. However I’m now three months down the line and I can’t even begin to describe how much better I feel – both physically and mentally. My cramps are almost completely gone and I rarely ever get bloated. Having now gone back to be re-tested the results were miles better and it’s just such a relief to be able to start eating normal food again without suffering. I honestly cannot thank Tania enough.” – Sam (July 2018)


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