Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties

Insomnia and Sleep Difficulties

Insomnia is difficulty in initiating and/or maintaining sleep/  It is a term that is used to indicate any and all stages and types of sleep loss.  Insomnia is not a disorder, it is a symptom and is an extremely common complaint.  It can be divided into two categories:


  1. Sleep onset insomnia – difficulty falling asleep
  2. Maintenance insomnia – frequent or early wakening

Many psychological factors contribute to insomnia: anxiety, tension, fear, pain, environmental factors, drugs, alcohol, coffee, hypoglycaemia and food sensitivities.

Some of the nutritional treatments suggested include:

  1. avoid all tea, coffee, alcohol and chocolate
  2. check and treat hypoglycaemia
  3. check and correct food intolerances
  4. include a regular exercise programme
  5. avoid drinking excess fluids at night
  6. reduce stress and anxiety

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