Obesity is a pathological condition characterised by the accumulation of fat in excess of that required for optimal body function.  As such, it is distinct from overweight that is defined as body weight in excess of the average.

Over 20% of the population is obese.

initially obesity was viewed exclusively as a psychological problem.  The rationale was simple: obesity is caused by overeating.  Overeating is due to a lack off self-control, that is, gluttony orr to more serious abnormalities of personality.  Lack of exercise was an additional cause thrown in when treatment regimes failed.

Fortunately, knowledge has progressed to such an extent that obesity and even overweight are now considered on of the most baffling yet exciting problems confronting nutritionalists.   Over simpliications are no longer tenable and treating all obese individuals with e same calorific control methods associated with behaviour modification techniques is to misunderstand the complexity of the weight problem.

Obesity might be related to maturity, or to a food intolerance, or to a hormonal imbalance.  Genetic influences will play a role as will emotions.

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Taking the first step can be difficult but knowing we are here to help you, to provide support and guidance in a non-judgemental way, finding ‘your’ way will make it easier and hopefully more sustainable in the long term.