Pre conception health

Pre conception health

If your pregnancy isn’t a reality yet, then you’ve got the perfect opportunity to practice preconception health care which is the very best foundation for a better pregnancy and a better baby.  Its often much simpler to implement the appropriate changes, which include an improved diet, a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner environment, in those months before you actually conceive.  These measure can also be more effective if implement fully then, because they can involve both of you equally.  You can be in this quest for a better pregnancy and a better baby together.  To do that you and your partner should give yourself a minimum period of four months before you make any attempt to conceive.  But you must use that time productively.  Really use those months too ‘clean up your act’.  A healthy egg and healthy sperm will improve your chances of having a really healthy pregnancy ad healthy baby, and those healthy cells don’t just appear overnight.

The four months immediately preceding conception are when the greatest benefits can be obtained because ova are susceptible to damage foor about 100 days before ovulation, and sperm formation can take up to 116 days.  If both you and your partner are non-toxic, free from infection and allergy, eating a highly nutrition diet and living a healthy lifestyle in a pollution-free environment during the whole of that critical four month period then the health of your pregnancy and baby will benefit enormously.

Nutrition is important, what you eat and what you digest is of primary importance.  Every aspect of reproduction from the formation of sperm and the maturation of the gg, right through to the production of adequate amounts of high quality breast milk, is dependent on a sufficient supply of all the nutrients which include vitamins, minerals and essential amino and fatty acids.

A consultation will be able to identify and guide you and your partner to any changes that might be necessary and to offer supplementation support to get you into the best nutritional place.   Each person is unique and their needs differ, finding out how to get on the right track from the beginning saves you valuable time and worry.

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