Sinus concerns

Sinusitis is characterised by nasal congestion and purulent discharge, frontal headache, pain, fever, tenderness, redness and welling over the involved sinus.  Common predisposing factors in sinusitis are allergy, hayfever, viral and bacterial infections (colds), dental infections and trauma.  However any factor (eg food intolerance or chemical sensitivity) which induces oedema of the mucous membranes may result in obstruction of mucus drainage.  The exudate that is produced serves as a suitable medium for bacterial overgrowth, with streptococcus, pneumococci and haemophlias influenza being the most commonly cultured.

Allery is often associated with sinusitis because the inflamed nasal mucosa may block ostial drainage from the sinus and the resulting stasis in the sinuses encourages the development of infections.

Treatment involves re establishing drainage and clearing up any infection. This can be done by the use of antibiotics, improving the rheology of mucous by thinning it (by using garlic, horseradish, or papain) and decongesting with quercetin.

An unrecognised cause of sinusitis can be gastro-eosophageal  reflux.  So it is important to consider food intolerances and digestive health function in any assessments.

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