The Naturopathic approach to health concerns by Tania Sellwood

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy – Understanding the cause

First of all, as a Naturopath I need to be able to identify the pattern behind the pathology to understand the unique pathway that has lead to your discomfort. Traditional Naturopathy offers the opportunity to understand someone’s constitutional make up as well as define the pattern of disease, thus enhancing chances of clinical success.

How Naturopaths work

Exercising our senses and refining our awareness gives us the skills to understand the energetic patterns we observe.  We can see, for example, the energetic pattern of excess – deficiency balance coupled with any bio-medical analysis to make a clear interpretation of what is limiting a person’s health. Making this differential diagnoses gives the insight into how to plan for a successful treatment outcome.

Determining the naturopathic treatment

The next step is to determine what type of treatment to use.  Just as most diseases don’t have one cause, the solution often needs to be multi dimensional, for example bodywork or counselling, as well as an internal natural remedy, such as herbs or nutritional supplementation, may be necessary. Herbal treatments involve selecting a strategy that brings together cleansing, nourishing and rejuvenation. As a client, you then need to work with the programme  to cleanse the tissues, organs and systems of ‘toxins’ be they undigested metabolites, exogenous pollutants or structural blockages.  When the ‘ground’ is clean and the foundations of health is laid, we can then nourish with herbs, foods, mineral and vitamins.  Only then can rejuvenation to optimal function at the cellular level occur.

Supporting other forms of treatment

I never override the advice of a GP and never recommend that you stop taking pharmaceutical medications.

Over the years, I have helped many clients who are taking various prescribed medications. There have been cases where, after implementing a healthy naturopathic diet and lifestyle, they have been able to adjust or remove their pharmaceutical medications as their health improves. This is always done in consultation with their GP.

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