Travel Health

Travel Health

When you go on holiday or even away for work it would be really unfortunate if you were to end up unwell when you could have possibly prevented it.

Many people find that their bowels become shy and refuse to work for a few days or even longer when on holiday,  Its a phenomenon that I truly just don’t understand, but it is real for so many.   With prior planning you can include Probiotics or Digestive Enzymes in your suitcase and prevent this from causing discomfort or other complications.

Others might find that they are prone to insect bites.  Again with prior planning you can take preventative action to ensure that you both reduce your risk of being bitten and have something to hand that will naturally help you if you have any bits and stings.

Poor sleep, change in diet, long flights and different time zones, can all affect a person and may reduce the enjoyment of the journey.   Came and have a chat before you go to make sure that those things you are worrying about can be planned for.   We can even work with local hypnotherapists to be able to reduce fear from flying.  It really has had great results.

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