Vegan Friendly Treatments

It is becoming more and more sought after to have treatments that are giving consideration to animal welfare, sustainable health and development, and organic.

At The Natural Wellbeing Centre of Romsey we use the best possible products that we know of.   Where possible we select Organic and the majority of our treatments use products that are Vegan friendly.

A recent audit showed that

100% of our massages are Vegan friendly

100% of our reflexology treatments are Vegan friendly

100% of our facials are Vegan friendly

100% of Reiki treatments are Vegan friendly

100% of Naturopath Consultations are Vegan considerate and will be able to offer a range of Supplements that are Vegetarian or Vegan friendly, where requested.

100% of Herbal Medicine is Vegan friendly

100% of Flower Essences are Vegan friendly

Our waxing and varnishing do need to be looked at.  Whilst we are not claiming to be a 100% Vegan Centre, animal welfare is definitely something that we are considerate towards and will be happy to look into sourcing products as they are needed.

Please always feel free to discuss your concerns and needs with us.

Please note that whilst many of our treatments and products are vegan friendly it is not necessary to be a vegan to be able to enjoy these treatments, they are open to all.   We are not a Vegan centre and enjoy and work with people of all choices in health and wellbeing.